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They found that people's responses are affected by factors such as the amount of mental energy or attention they are able to devote to the ads as well as the physical layout of the advertising.
To my mind, it's better not to become obsessive about finding possible reasons because you're very unlikely to uncover one and, in searching, you exhaust your mental energy and your emotional resources.
Felix Magath is hoping the absence of European distractions will help his charges complete a domestic league and cup double, but the physical and mental energy expended during the Chelsea clashes may have a negative short-term effect and Bayern look dreadful value at 8-11 to beat Hannover.
The bars are developed by sports nutritionalists and claim to give you either a physical energy, mental energy or immune boost depending upon the bar you choose.
As well as improving mental energy, a good breakfast also strengthens your child physically, providing the energy and stamina needed to keep going until after the school bell rings.
Ginseng and gingko are two herbs clinically proven to boost physical and mental energy.
Elaine Quigley says: 'This writing flares up like a flame, indicating the writer's mental energy and individuality in the area of ideas and aspirations.
Rhodiola (popular with Russians as they have long winter months) improves physical and mental energy by increasing levels of serotonin, a hormone that elevates your mood, or try this special warming Ayurvedic tea to improve circulation and clear blocked sinuses.
Ginseng and ginkgo are two herbs clinically proven to boost physical and mental energy.
These give immediate relief to boost both physical and mental energy.
In her book, Brain Food, nutritionist Lorraine Perretta explains how the foods we eat can help our children improve their school marks, give us the mental energy to tackle work deadlines with gusto and even help prevent illnesses such as Alzheimer's and senile dementia.
The profile generated by me2 is a "blueprint" that shows how an individual's mental energy is most naturally focused.
The rest of my mental energy was divided between a) where to eat b) what to read and c) how to tan effectively without burning.
The large amount of mental energy put into the game by Ebdon, who produced some tenacious snooker to reach the LG Cup final, means he is not capable of producing top form for a long period of time.
After the last race in Germany Coulthard admitted he was struggling to find the physical and mental energy to continue his uphill battle to beat Schumacher and this latest blow will have done little to raise spirits.