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Dur e Shahwar talking to reporter Thursday said people can easily protect their children against low IQ levels and avoid trauma of rearing low learners or those with other physical and mental deficiencies through mandatory iodination of salt.
Mental deficiencies were accounted for in social rather than biological or medical terms.
She was smart, educated and had no signs of mental deficiencies.
In pleading the insanity defense, the lawyer for Levi Aron, accused killer of eight-year-old Leiby Kletzky, suggested that the inbreeding in that Brooklyn Hasidic community may have led to his client's mental deficiencies.
THE Mental Deficiencies Act 1913 allowed the detention of patients known to be sane but labelled "morally defective".
The birth of a child with Down syndrome (DS) has many serious implications--physical and mental deficiencies, medical conditions and lifestyle challenges.