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During all the inter- vening time my mental condition had been a hurrying suc- cession of vague emotional states or a sort of stupid recep- tivity.
Captain Wragge expressed the profound astonishment, and asked the innocent questions appropriate to the mental condition of a person taken completely by surprise.
In reaction, Rana Sanaullah said Chaudhry Sher Ali was going through some mental condition.
Once anyone with a mental condition which was challenging could be certified and spend sometimes the remainder of their lives in a mental hospital.
The judgment was passed by Supreme Court Chief Justice Helen Murrell and was taken in light of the man's mental condition.
Sulzer doesn't know whether inadequate training or other factors explain why only a couple of clinicians regarded borderline personality disorder patients as having a treatable mental condition.
Dr Khawaja said the blood pressure and mental condition of Sikandar is normal, adding he was talking and taking food as well, however, the accused was unable to walk due to fracture.
Autism is a mental condition characterised by great difficulty in communicating and forming relationships.
London, May 21( ANI ): Ailing boxing legend Frank Bruno pulled out of a charity midnight trek, which ended early, due to concerns over its affecting his mental condition.
Forcing a person who has a mental condition into work would be detrimental to the employee and employer, as the individual concerned would become less productive due to them losing concentration, whilst at the same time becoming more agitated and more irritable, thus increasing their distress.
Employers should, therefore, take extra care in considering an application for employment from someone who discloses that he or she is suffering from a mental condition or has suffered from a mental condition.
Disability Tax Credit is available to all Canadians who suffer from any physical or mental condition that hampers their ability of enjoying a normal life.
This cannot be seen in any other way than as a mental condition of a group of people in the leadership of a political party and their mentors," Ademi said.
Their mental condition may pose limitations on their ability to engage in the mandatory educational programme preceding commencement of treatment, or cognitive impairment from the mental illness and/or the HIV infection may diminish their capacity to give informed consent.
Police have so far been unable to identify any suspects, due to the boy's mental condition, but during the course of interviews, the boy revealed he had been raped before.