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They said there was no good evidence to support the development of schemes that promoted certain mental attitudes to try to prolong survival.
To do this I am going to introduce you to some key rudiments on developing a positive mental attitude on the course.
The PRIDE message was first developed by the NBA, with the acronym "PRIDE" representing: Positive mental attitude, Respect, Intelligent choices, Dreaming dreams and Effort in education.
We can only deal with the controllables and our own mental attitude is within our own control and I think our mental attitude is good at the moment.
No, positive mental attitude, (as Berti Vogts used to mutter while sending on Millwall's Paul Devlin).
But, like everything in football, success only comes with hard work and the correct mental attitude.
At the top level everyone has the physical talent but it's the mental attitude that makes a difference.
A positive mental attitude is probably the most important factor of all in healing MS.
I have endless energies - it's the mental attitude.
Spain hold strong claims because their mental attitude is changing.
SHANE WATSON put his recent improved form with the bat down to a tougher mental attitude after registering his maiden Test century against Pakistan.
When they get involved in our classes it not only helps them physically, they develop a healthier mental attitude, too.
His mental attitude sets him apart-he has tremendous will to win and great determination.
The four keys to winning any extreme sport are a strong mental attitude, working as a team rather than as an individual, keeping hydrated and having a great footcare regime," said Cathy Sassin, member of the top American team in last year's Eco-Challenge and one of the world's premier adventure athletes.
Campaign helps children fighting life-threatening diseases develop a Positive Mental Attitude.