mental ability

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the power to learn or retain knowledge

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This programme focuses on the basics of Mathematics, Science and Mental Ability, which when developed during the early stage has an immense impact, enabling students to secure top ranks and get selected on their first attempt at various competitive examinations.
8lbs are more likely to suffer poor hearing, vision and mental ability, as well as cognitive decline and sensory problems in middle age.
Promoting this mental ability, specialists are now suggesting, might be particularly helpful in treating ADHD and ADD (attention deficit disorder).
The results did not directly implicate hearing loss as the cause of mental ability, but more studies are indicating an attempt to link hearing loss to brain damage.
Eating fish and vegetables instead of burgers and fries might improve your mental ability as you get older.
The sample comprised of 750 students studying in class VIII to X, divided in to three groups of mental ability (low, moderate and high) on the basis of quartile deviation.
Experts at Germany's Max Planck Institute for Educational Studies say the puzzles and brain-jogging exercises have no effect on mental ability.
They performed poorly in tests of their general mental ability, and vocabulary.
gt; brilliant is used of a person whose mental ability is much greater than normal.
Declining physical and mental ability through age does not have to be inevitable.
And Edwards believes that even though the pressure will be cranked up significantly on the 29-year-old Londoner, Idowu can prove that concerns over his mental ability on the big stage are unfounded.
The programme plays an important role in developing students' skills, creativity and mental ability to deal with numbers at a high speed and with accuracy.
The celebrities are supporting Kellogg's Wake Up To Breakfast campaign, which aims to increase sales and consumption of cereals by highlighting the importance of breakfast as a fuel for mental ability and physical activity.
Today's communities are diverse in composition, not only ethnically, but also in matters of age, sexual preference, physical and mental ability.
Noise levels were measured, and compared with the results from mental ability tests and health questionnaires.