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a decent responsible person with admirable characteristics


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The Menshes seek to question Twain's much--celebrated understanding of irony and satire.
Martin "Case Study in Critical Controversy" edition of the novel edited by Graft and Phelan--to list just a few--these studies of Huckleberry Finn by the Menshes and Chadwick Joshua should be required reading for any one who has the responsibility of leading readers through Twain's novel and the troubled American history of racism that roils in its wake.
However, the Menshes argue that Twain, in exposing Jim's foolishness, does not keep balance between the two traditions.
The Menshes deny the notion that Huck is developed enough to overcome his racism.
The Menshes conclude that, though the novel should not be required reading in class, it should not be banned from either library or school.
This question has been at the heart of Twain criticism for quite some time, and the Menshes attempt to formulate their answer by analyzing representations of Huck, Jim, and their relationship in light of nineteenth-century historical documents left by slaves, slave-owners, and non-slaveholding whites and free blacks.
The Menshes also take issue with critical opinion which holds that race ceases to matter when Huck and Jim are away from civilization during their river voyage.
The Menshes include the result of their meticulous and exhaustive research of nineteenth-century historical documents in support of their timely analysis.