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Synonyms for meniscus

(anatomy) a disk of cartilage that serves as a cushion between the ends of bones that meet at a joint

(optics) a lens that is concave on one side and convex on the other

(physics) the curved upper surface of a nonturbulent liquid in a vertical tube

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Out of the 70 cases in this study, 28 patients (40%) had medial meniscus and 27 patients (38.
The medial meniscus of the human knee is important for load distribution to the articular cartilage and surrounding soft tissues.
Meniscus injuries may be isolated but very often associates and other internal injuries of the knee - ligament injuries (collateral ligament, cruciate ligaments), cartilage, encapsulation, etc.
sup][1] Discoid lateral meniscus is more common, with a prevalence ranging from 0.
All five patients had an intact meniscus 12 months after implantation.
I knew instantly something was really wrong, especially as back in 2010 I'd suffered a tear to the side of my meniscus - the cartilage 'cushion' in my knee.
Older people are more likely to have degenerative meniscus tears.
I have a small re-tear in the back side of the meniscus, a different place from previous, but that's what's causing the symptoms I guess.
7 years, while the average age of the patients with a damaged meniscus or menisci was 27 years.
Aspetar's chief of surgery clarified that the allograft transplantation is the last option that surgeons would resort to in case of any meniscus tear or damage.
M2 PHARMA-March 9, 2016-Advanced Orthopaedics Performs Virginia's First Meniscus Replacement with NUsurface Implant
I am frequently asked questions about meniscus problems in the knee.
Now, new research reveals underlying biomechanics that may be involved in meniscus fibrocartilage function as well as dysfunction and could guide novel treatments for some of the most debilitating and costly orthopedic problems in the United States, including meniscus tears and age-related joint degeneration.
4] reported five cases of spontaneous recurrent hemarthrosis of the knee in which a degenerative flap tear of the posterior horn of lateral meniscus was revealed with arthroscopic examination.
The 23-year-old Belgium goalkeeper tore the meniscus of his right knee in training and is likely to be out until December.