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a tumor arising in the meninges which surround the brain and spinal cord

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In the first case, it was critical to remove the meningioma without damaging the adherent oculomotor nerve.
The patient was operated on with a pre-diagnosis of spinal meningioma, and the diagnosis was confirmed by the pathology report.
No link was found between the age at which people stopped growing and their risk of meningioma, the researchers noted.
The histopathological diagnosis was a WHO grade I meningioma.
Mr Opperman, who had been elected just 12 months earlier, spent the next two weeks in hospital and, after being transferred to the National Neurological Hospital in Queen Square London, was diagnosed with a meningioma - a type of tumour that grows from the meninges, the layer of tissue that lies above the brain just inside the skull.
Six months after this referral was made, a letter from the HES via the GP confirmed that the patient had a right parieto-occipital meningioma the size of a golf ball, which had most likely been growing slowly for 20 years.
It is rare for meningioma to extend out of central nervous system to present as cervical and parapharyngeal mass.
Crow, who was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor known as a meningioma earlier this year, said she believed constant cell phone use may have been the culprit.
The diagnosis was clear cell meningioma, WHO grade II.
The number of mobile phones has risen sharply since the early 1980s, with nearly 5 billion handsets in use today, prompting lengthy debate about their potential link to the main types of brain tumor, glioma and meningioma.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Scientists discovered one of the most important cellular mechanisms driving the growth and progression of meningioma, the most common form of brain and spinal cord tumor.
The tumour is a meningioma - it's typically benign and develops from the protective linings of the brain and spinal cord.
A form of cancer called Meningioma, which is the most common type of brain tumor, brought in a claim for $15,533.
Over a lifetime, having dental X-rays can double or triple the chances of developing meningioma tumours, a study has found.
Scientists in the US looked at the self-reported dental histories of 1,433 patients diagnosed with meningioma tumours.