menhaden oil

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a fatty oil obtained from the menhaden fish and used in paint and ink and in treating leather

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Despite the settlement in the California lawsuit, fish oil manufacturers were not required--and are still not required--to label the types of fish included in supplements, making it difficult for consumers to know whether they contained menhaden oil or not.
The company also sells menhaden oil with preservatives: available from Bass Pro Shops and many other sources.
The positive minimum value of 95% critical interval was found in four subgroups in the study of Aydin (2007), where CLA feeding was compared with flaxseed, menhaden oil and combination.
Omega Protein produces menhaden oil, used in a variety of foods for its high content of omega-3 fatty acids.
Actually, the raw menhaden is even too oily for use as a fertilizer, and in the early 1800's farmers hauled the wet cooked scrab from the early menhaden oil plants and used it as a fertilizer.
Other attractants that you can find at your tackle shop: Pro Cure, Bang, Yum, Atlas Mike's, Trigger X, Bio Edge and basic menhaden oil.
Gonzales-Esquerra and Leeson (2000) reported that 2% and 5% dietary menhaden oil supplementation from 19 to 55 wks of age caused a reduction in body weight gain by 34 g and 68 g, respectively, without compromising the productive performance of layer hens.
Pizzey's Nutritionals and Omega Protein Corporation have partnered to promote MeadowPure UltraGrad, a blend of Pizzey's value added MeadowPure flax ingredients and Omega Protein's OmegaPure refined menhaden oil.
The investigators used response surface methodology (RSM) to the determine the optimum conditions for enriching hazelnut oil by incorporating n-3 PUFAs that were sourced from menhaden oil.
This 4-year study resulted in a 113-page publication (Harrison, 1931) giving voluminous detail of menhaden oil manufacture.