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a skilled worker who mends or repairs things

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Along with the Mender oil field, Adco will also develop phase two of the Sahil field and Qusahwira field respectively.
I can remember he would come home with bobbins and we would play with them and sometimes he put them in the fireplace to start the fire Lisa Smith My mum was a mender and I was a mender Elaine Dagg I remember working on some of these Ann Murray Blade runner
But Hazel is soon distracted from the tensions of the hospital by an enigmatic drifter named Gideon Judge, an itinerant umbrella mender searching for the Northwest Passage.
Engaging the perspectives of some thirteen artists and collectives, including Olivia Mender and Sharon Lockhart, alongside a specially commissioned project by Danish artist Michala Paludan involving selections from Scandinavian labor-movement archives, this exhibition raises the question of how art can address and imagine the future of work, for both the employed and the unemployed.
Vivian was a mender in the textile wool industry working for several area companies including the Uxbridge Worsted Wool Co.
A COUNCIL road mender caught couriering an illegal Uzi submachine gun through Cardiff has had his jail term slashed on appeal by top judges.
One is a Morse code sender; the other is a source code mender.
PET G bottles house the split-end mender and smoothing serum.
That's where his recently patented Mound Mender comes into play.
The recipes are easy and exciting, and the book provides alt the fundamentals--from using the Mender to presenting the drinks in chilled glasses with fun garnishes.
The Post disclosed on Tuesday how Mr Smith, originally employed as a street and traffic light mender, received pounds 91,482 during 2005/05 even though he was off work sick for most of the time.
Though the story of lynching is not new territory, Vernon adds an unexpected twist in the form of Gil Mender.
Fairbanks real estate licensee Grace Mender said the situation is similar in the far north.
Dan Mender, director of business development for Green Hills Software, explained, "The integration of the INTEGRITY RTOS with DSP/BIOS Link enables unparalleled application security and reliability allowing OEMs to develop and deploy next-generation secure portable data terminals (PDTs) more quickly and more securely than with other solutions.
According to the manufacturer, Open 2D Mender heals gaps, overlaps, tangencies, and redundancies.