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Synonyms for mendacity

Synonyms for mendacity

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the tendency to be untruthful

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15 May 2016 - 12:48 The CONGRESS REPORTING ON MILITTARY ACTIVITIES OF CHINA BROUGHT UP CHINA OPPOSITION The Congress Reports Surrounding Military Activities of China Raised High Opposition of the Defense Ministry of China Calling It a Mere Mendacity According to Reuters, congress of America pointed out to the military activities of China in its annual report and wrote that Chin has focused its energy on improvement of the islands which has built up in waters of Southern China Sea attempting to make it equipped with military weapons and tracking to gain further control on the mentioned marine sites without arouse of any armed conflict.
This overarching theme of mendacity extends to all the relationships in the film, and while it is spoken of as something to be avoided, it plagues and is perpetuated by the entire family.
It's a down-to-earth film that manages to break through the daily mendacity that people coat their every day lives with.
The book's title derives from a euphemism in Tennessee Williams's Cat on a Hot Tin Roof that Brick uses for the liquor cabinet, which provides him with the means of hearing the "click," the signal that he has arrived at a state of nirvana that temporarily burns off the mist of mendacity hanging over Big Daddy's plantation.
Coun Gary Crookes quite correctly points out the mendacity and dishonesty of the council's Labour group over the decision to allow development on Coventry's green belt land in order to meet housing demands.
She called on those who seek to profit from mendacity to refrain from such behaviour, calling on them to live poor with dignity rather than make money through begging.
What a great ability to use trickery and mendacity, by denying the horrible realities that Iraq and its people has lived through after its occupation," the PSP leader said.
KUWAIT, June 11 (KUNA) -- Higher Judicial Council chairman, Chief Justice Faisal Al-Marshad, noted in a statement issued today that he had apprised the office of the public prosecutor to look into " the lying, mendacity, deceit, and falsehood" that sprung out of last night's rally at the Erada square by an opposition group.
I've met a lot of people who know the difference between right and wrong, between truth and mendacity and are prepared to admit to mistakes they've made.
The cancellations lay bare three pillars of Obamacare: (a) mendacity, (b) paternalism and (c) subterfuge.
Colette's tendency to fib is trumped by the mendacity of Connor, who lies about his illness, age, and actual feelings for Colette.
This issue will therefore seek new ways of discussing the complex relationship between truth and falsehood, aiming to rethink the social, cultural and epistemological underpinnings of mendacity in early modern England (c.
In the case of Tony Blair's invasion of Iraq (pre-arranged with President George Bush), estimated to have cost in excess of 100,000 Iraqi and Allied lives, mendacity had to be protected by more and more lies and spin to hoodwink the populace.
Finally Jay ties the lying and the political together and offers a new perspective on mendacity as a necessary means to a successful society.
His was not an easy lot and when compared to Messrs Blair and Brown he seems less tarnished by the charges of mendacity, manipulation and incompetence.