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Synonyms for mendacity

Synonyms for mendacity

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the tendency to be untruthful

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Restraint rather is what the Palestinian Authority has been showing for years whilst it implements the Roadmap and awaits the international community to wake up to Israel's fundamental mendacity and actually get around to implementing the standards they signed up for.
GEORGE Galloway plumbed new depths of mendacity and nastiness with his column on December 28, 2009.
The two together could be, well, a bit dry Joe Wells can be counted on for a good tale or two of people who are coldly calculating in the villainous sense of the term, revealing the all-too-human motivations of greed and mendacity.
Next to no old recorded data exists, the story is mainly mendacity from Aber-based nationalists in the 1800s.
Playwright Jason Wells' Men of Tortuga caused a buzz a couple of seasons ago at the Asolo Rep, with its blend of high tension and dark comedy; now the Chicago-based writer returns with Perfect Mendacity, another topical world premiere running May 15 through June 14 in the Cook Theatre.
In 'The International', Owen plays Louis Salinger, an Interpol agent whose rabid conviction to expose the bank's mendacity threatens to derail his career.
Was the crisis less an illustration of Soviet mendacity than a "failure to communicate" subsequently alleviated by creating a Washington-Moscow "hot line"?
Their journalism exposed the mendacity behind much of the president's arguments for war.
An anonymous letter writer who calls himself 'Sticky' (GDN, July 8) claims that "Paul Balles in his column on June 29 'Demented morality', appears to be suffering from a mild case of mendacity himself (a trait he apparently finds condemnable in others, particularly if they happen to be the US president).
But combined, they form a picture of breathtaking mendacity.
Can it be seriously argued that the resistance of systemic, explicit mendacity with localized, explicit exhibits of that mendacity's fruit violates parental control of education?
However, the release in 1995 of thousands of pages of the "Venona Intercepts," decoded secret Soviet transmissions from the World War II era, have thoroughly vindicated accusers such as Elizabeth Bentley, while exposing the mendacity of their CFR detractors who went to such great lengths to discredit them.
Zunes and Rai clearly outline the Anglo-American polices within those countries' domestic frames of reference, highlighting both continuities and inconsistencies, as well as leaders' repeated mendacity in portraying the impacts of sanctions to their own constituents.
First, despite Iran's history of mendacity with its nuclear program, Rice made a point Wednesday to acknowledge - twice - Iran's right to a civilian nuclear energy program.
But is such a cure the right one for the mendacity of our times?