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in a mendacious and untruthful manner


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Yet, some intellectuals are still talking about a two-state solution in lock step with politicians, a mantra that is repeated uncritically, even mendaciously, in the mainstream media.
We now know when scapegoats are being falsely, mendaciously set up, and so the mechanism is easier to expose, precisely because of the biblical revelation.
25) Greenblatt thus suggests that there is in principle no difference between the Spanish conquistadors' mendaciously luring the Lucayans into servitude and death by exploiting their religious beliefs and Mote's refuting of Tyndale's religious beliefs by drawing out implications that Tyndale had not intended.
Next the sin is augmented when something is sworn not only lightly, rashly, and without cause, but also falsely and mendaciously.
Powerful and international capitalists (are working) mendaciously to pursue their ' political and economic aims.
They do promote themselves mendaciously as being fundamentally opposed to garbage, but that ideology is merely a holdover from a time when recycling was young.
Similarly, the strategy of mortgage brokers to lend to the poorest people in society and recoup losses by repossessing houses was mendaciously cynical - and doomed.
The immediate aim of this strategy was the establishment of a Stalinist dictatorship in Spain, intended, to paraphrase Gorkin, as the first example of the kind of regime, known mendaciously as a "people's democracy," created in Eastern Europe after the Second World War.
And if the purpose of the legislation wasn't bad enough, there's its name: Feinstein and Hatch mendaciously named S.
For those who do he mendaciously accuses them of being anti-Semites.