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Philipps, of Knightsbridge, London, was convicted of two counts of sending menacing messages on a public electronic communications network and cleared of one count after a trial at Westminster Magistrates' Court.
Even in rest, there is more menacing to be done in this clever, cheeky story that is highly recommended.
Dennis and his sidekick Gnasher have been menacing in the pages of the Beano since 1951.
This original chaos, while menacing and potentially destructive, is never imbued with intelligence or autonomy as in other cultures.
The cover, with a close-up of a menacing hand and a boy in the background with his hand to his throat, conveys the novel's sense of menace nicely.
Animal-control officers have begun compiling a countywide database on homes with dogs that are reported as menacing but that have not attacked anyone, such as a large dog that charges aggressively against a fence whenever anyone passes by, Mayeda said.
If the imagery of Goya and, less impressively, Victorian fairy painters like John Anster Fitzgerald looms large in the relatively transparent Ideas of Solution, 2005, with its discernible trio of menacing sprites scampering around the head of a recumbent but open-eyed figure, it manifests a malevolence now stripped of moral underpinning.
In the absence of predators, the guppy lineages from the menacing steams didn't tend to die early, he and his colleagues report in the Oct.
The bonus fifth episode, "A Terrifying Round with a Menacing Clown," is also included.