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It is open to question that Numa, the lion, understood him; but he did understand the menace of the heavy spear that the Tarmangani carried so ready in his brown, right hand, and so he drew back, growling, trying to decide in his little brain whether to charge or flee.
Long since, had I come to the conclusion that it was beyond human prowess to circle the shores of the inland sea of Caspak in the face of the myriad menaces which lurked in every shadow by day and by night.
But such divergence of opinion would constitute no menace to society.
But the real menaces suddenly drove the imaginary ones from the boy's mind, for with the coming of daylight the half-famished hyenas renewed their efforts to break down the frail barrier which kept them from their prey.
The latter part of Mr Western's behaviour had so strong an effect on the tender heart of Sophia, that it suggested a thought to her, which not all the sophistry of her politic aunt, nor all the menaces of her father, had ever once brought into her head.
L'Algerie est [beaucoup moins que] tres preoccupee [beaucoup plus grand que] par l'aggravation de la menace terroriste et les risques serieux qu'elle fait peser sur la paix et la securite regionales et internationales, a indique, mercredi dernier, a New York, le ministre des Affaires maghrebines, de l'Union africaine et de la Ligue arabe, Abdelkader Messahel.
EXPRESSING its discomfort in dealing with the increasing cases of monkey menace in Delhi, the New Delhi Municipal Corporation ( NDMC) has asked Gujarat- based animal rights group Ahimsa Maha Sangh, to suggest alternate measures to deal with the menace.
Well, if that is the case then they are in for treat, because today you can claim any book in the Diary of Dennis the Menace series for half price y aSgtt at any WHSmith High Street store.
Le Maroc se trouve face a une menace terroriste serieuse a annonce jeudi, Mohamed Hassad, ministre de l'Interieur.
Dennis the Menace appears outside Tu Hwnt I'r Bont and the historic Inigo Jones Bridge in Llanrwst in the April 12 issue.
Il n'y a pas de menace concrete d'attentats en France, a declare hier mardi Manuel Valls a REUTERS, alors que, selon la presse allemande, Al Qaida preparerait des attaques contre le rail europeen.
The heir to the throne and his wife joined Dennis the Menace and Gnasher on the pages of the Beano.
Days after lawmakers created a ruckus in the Bihar state assembly seeking to fight the mosquito menace, which is causing heavy casualties every year, the courts too are appalled at the continuing mosquito meance and have pulled up the state authorities for failing to drive them out.
com)-- Brooklyn artist, Yung Menace, consistently released material every Monday, dubbed #MenaceMondays, since the latter half of 2012.