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Marta admits: "I didn't expect to get so many van drivers in the Men's Room but it's been great for business.
Lavoie admitted being in the men's room but denied taking any photographs, Officer Kuchnicki said in court papers.
June 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Michael Wilson, President of Atoz Productions, announced today the completion of production of the pilot, and launch of the presentation website, for the testosterone-fueled and guy-branded sketch-comedy series, "The Men's Room.
Prosecutor William Merz told the jury that Davies, 49, encountered a bar patron, Mario Chavez, in the men's room of a local bar, and hurled an anti-Mexican insult at him, "words to the effect of, 'Why don't you go back to Mexico?
Turning to the massed ranks of Coronation Street's male losers, the world's worst tycoon triumphantly announced: "I've got us exclusive access to the men's room.
Morry weaves a very hairy story: "A company I once worked for was located in an office bldg that had 1 men's room per floor, and there was only one urinal in it.
It was actually more of a discovery on the part of a gay couple who decided to spend the day at a beach on the Parana Island resort and went to use the men's room.
While I have it on good authority that things can get a little more chatty in the ladies' than the men's room, even there, I'm assured, socializing is optional, and it's easy enough to execute a washroom visit without exchanging a single word or a glance with anyone.
She is not fully toilet trained and when away from home, as a male with a little girl, he is concerned about at what age a male should stop bringing a little girl into the men's room for toileting or diaper changes.
That out of the way, the scandal devolved into sitcom banter on MSNBC's "Live With Dan Abrams," in which Abrams, Joe Scarborough and Tucker Carlson were discussing the case, and Carlson mentioned he had once been propositioned in a men's room (must've been the bow tie).
Clive Lewis, who runs The Men's Room charity, said: "Often the only images of black men are sportsmen and rap artists.
Maybe handing out towels in a men's room isn't as prestigious as being a big CEO, but .
Meetings between the Japanese and Chinese foreign ministers have become an infrequent event following the deterioration of the countries' relations, but one was held at one of the most unlikely of places in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday -- in the men's room.
We're supposed to be the outlaws--the imaginative, fluid ones--yet even we can't escape a world with two essential choices: the men's room or the ladies' room.
Suka spends three sleepless nights on the top bunk, and it's not until he sees Shun at the urinal in the men's room that the other shoe drops.