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In men's rooms and in women's rooms, people just go in there to use the bathroom.
2012: Women in China take over men's rooms to protest long wait times in women's facilities.
Morry weaves a very hairy story: "A company I once worked for was located in an office bldg that had 1 men's room per floor, and there was only one urinal in it.
She is not fully toilet trained and when away from home, as a male with a little girl, he is concerned about at what age a male should stop bringing a little girl into the men's room for toileting or diaper changes.
That out of the way, the scandal devolved into sitcom banter on MSNBC's "Live With Dan Abrams," in which Abrams, Joe Scarborough and Tucker Carlson were discussing the case, and Carlson mentioned he had once been propositioned in a men's room (must've been the bow tie).
Today, after news emerged elsewhere of Craig's June arrest in a men's room in Minneapolis, the Statesman revealed its findings.
Clive Lewis, who runs The Men's Room charity, said: "Often the only images of black men are sportsmen and rap artists.
My mole tells me: "Tom and Harry were yelling at each other in the men's room.
Meetings between the Japanese and Chinese foreign ministers have become an infrequent event following the deterioration of the countries' relations, but one was held at one of the most unlikely of places in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday -- in the men's room.
We're supposed to be the outlaws--the imaginative, fluid ones--yet even we can't escape a world with two essential choices: the men's room or the ladies' room.
Suka spends three sleepless nights on the top bunk, and it's not until he sees Shun at the urinal in the men's room that the other shoe drops.
And let's not forget Mel Brooks, enunciating in his own special way the mantra of the eternally stagestruck: "I would work in the men's room of a Broadway theater
William Wegman performs Three Speeds, Three Temperatures in the men's room at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.
In the men's room there was a pillow filled with pounds 739 in pounds 1 coins,cheques made out to Marks and Spencers, and vouchers valued at more than pounds 400.
Later that night I went to take a piss and found the same guy huddled around a urinal with a crack pipe clenched tightly between his lips and, Oh, did my eyes light up with the thought of revengel I pretended not to pay any attention as I washed my hands and walked out of the men's room which at this point reeked like burning plastic.