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The male empire under the female gaze; the British Raj and the memsahib.
27) Romita Ray, "The Memsahibs Brush", in Julie Codell and Diane Macleod (eds.
And before we get too sniffy about them not attempting to fit in, when we ruled the British Empire, you didn't see the sahibs and memsahibs, going around on dhotis and saris, did you?
Built in 1924 to celebrate the visit of the King-Emperor George V, it was the ceremonial landing point for the P&O steamships bringing their cargo of memsahibs, colonial officers and ne'er-do-well traders to take up the lucrative challenge of Empire.
Real memsahibs of Isak Dinesen's generation dressed, according to Huxley, rather differently, in "hideous clothing which was far too hot and bulky, for the climate.
And the pictures tell an extraordinary story, since it was not only the purely utilitarian pieces which were taken halfway across the world, we can also read that the Memsahibs looked for, expected and received, complete dining suites, tables to seat a dozen people with beautifully upholstered chairs to match and found it unloaded at the docks in a DIY box set.
Apparently she has been picked as the new image of Cheltenham, which must be sending the retired brigadiers and their memsahibs apoplectic.
It's set in dusty, lusty Happy Valley, where the men beat the bar boys to a pulp for not mixing a decent gin-and-it, and the memsahibs are permanently pie-eyed with morals that make Monica Lewinsky look like Emily Bishop.
Her readings of British women, the memsahibs, looks both at their supporting role in governance and the moments at which their gendered accounts disrupted the imperial discourse.
The white women of her title are not the memsahibs who, along with their husbands, fathers and sons, heeded Kipling's injunction to disseminate Western civilization among the "benighted" peoples of the Empire.
Certainly her implicit criticism of earlier analysis of Victorian women who played important roles in the British Empire is on the mark, since many previous biographical studies have often overcompensated in an effort to refute the common presumption in older studies of British imperial history, which depict Englishwomen as racist memsahibs who caused, more or less directly, the collapse of the British empire.
This subterfuge above all reflects the officer's wary concealment of his transgression from the British sahibs and memsahibs of the story proper.
They built them great bawarchikhanas with huge wood stoves and their white memsahibs brandished wooden spoons over their heads and taught them jealously guarded recipes like brandy snaps and mocha cream and vast succulent roasts with baked potatoes.
I interviewed a lot of memsahibs for the book," she says, explaining how she came to understand the find-a-husband-quick mentality so alien to today's independent woman.
Perhaps the jewel in the crown, so to speak, of the Central Business District or 'The Fort' is the old colonial Army and Navy Store, built in 1889, when Victorian memsahibs with parasols went shopping with their servants.