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a mental image of something previously experienced

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Password recovery is possible from both from Windows registry files (Windows 8-10), and from live memory images (Window 8-8.
For unlike phantasia, which represents a simple memory image in the mind, phantasma refers to the image of an image.
The experience is often accompanied by the distinct awareness that the ESP-triggered memory images are suddenly intruding in mental activity that was directed elsewhere.
iCloud Photo Stream data is downloaded with the token extracted from the memory image.
QuickBoot can restore necessary portions of the memory image by automatically determining the priority of memory usage of the system.
MCSI will be demonstrating analysis of an Android memory image and handing out DVDs of Responder Pro Demo Edition, the de facto industry standard Windows(TM) physical memory and automated malware analysis solution.
Using Passware Kit, computer forensics can extract those passwords not saved in a browser, regardless of their strength, from a computer memory image or a system hibernation file even after a user closes the browser and locks Windows or puts it into "sleep.
Use of LEDs has eliminated memory image and sensitivity shortage -- problems that had to be overcome to allow for further improvements in printing speed -- leading to the successful development of high-speed, high-resolution LED printheads.
By acquiring the memory image of the target computer and extracting the encryption keys, Passware Kit 12.
Then build each component and link the components together, resulting in a system memory image.
The heart of the system is a checkpoint service that captures the memory image and associated storage of multi-process, multi-threaded applications -- in other words, it tracks a process from top to bottom with enough context to restore at any point," said John Abbott, chief analyst with the 451 Group, a technology industry analyst company focused on the business of enterprise IT innovation, in a report.
When a target computer is seized and turned on with the encryption disk accessible, the software scans its memory image and extracts the encryption keys, so law enforcement personnel can access the stored data.
1 provides non-stop operation of mission-critical enterprise applications by transparently and automatically protecting running enterprise applications, including the application's memory image and storage.
Once the modification phase has finished modifying the existing program's memory image the new program is run without additional interruption, the new actions acting as if they were present in the original source code for the program.
Furthermore, when ALGOR and Solid Edge reside on different computers, DesignPlus includes built-in Direct Memory Image Transfer (DMIT) technology, which offers the same seamless integration realized when ALGOR and Solid Edge reside on the same computer.