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The memory device may be exposed to vibration, dirt, moisture, shock, extreme temperature and rough use.
In order to be able to securely transport and use confidential internal or customer data - not just to prevent data leakage, but also to ensure strict accountability in accordance with corporate compliance policies - two conditions must be met: 1) in the event that the USB memory device is lost or stolen, the data should not only be encrypted, but should automatically be deleted; and 2) confidential data should be prevented from being copied except on predefined USB memory devices or servers.
In both of thesecases, even if the USB memory device is lost, the data on it would be automatically deleted after 24 hours.
The new work falls in line with the worldwide effort to develop polymer memory devices for applications including rewritable chips, such as the short-term memory on a computer.
The Am29BDS640G Flash memory device is designed for use in cell phones or PDAs and is capable of operating at 1.
The next big hurdle, he predicts, is to make memory devices in which both the bottom and top electrodes are carbon nanotubes.
AMD's technology is employed by the world's largest producer of Flash memory devices, Fujitsu AMD Semiconductor Ltd.
3: "Ultra-Thin Phase-Change Bridge Memory Device Using GeSb" by Y.
Potential applications for MRAM include memory devices for mobile phones, PDAs, smartcards, notebook computers, RFID tags and as a replacement for flash memory.
The production of a working 24-Mbit memory device requires that silicon nanocrystals be deposited with excellent uniformity and integration approaches that keep the nanocrystal properties intact during subsequent processing.
Spansion LLC, the Flash memory venture of AMD (NYSE:AMD) and Fujitsu Limited (TOKYO:6702), today announced it is sampling the world's first single-chip 1 gigabit (Gb) NOR Flash memory device to customers in the embedded market.
the world leader in advanced memory technology, announced that it has developed the world's highest density NAND flash -- a 16Gigabit (Gb) NAND memory device.
Spansion LLC, the Flash memory venture of AMD (NYSE:AMD) and Fujitsu Limited (TSE:6702), today announced that top French handset manufacturer, SAGEM, has developed the SAGEM myX-8 mobile phone using the Spansion(TM) S29GL512N Flash memory device - the industry's only single-chip 512Mbit NOR Flash memory device in production.
0M order from a leading defense prime contractor for BuiltSECURE high density secure memory devices manufactured at its DMEA-trusted facility in Phoenix, Ariz.