memory cache

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(computer science) RAM memory that is set aside as a specialized buffer storage that is continually updated

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The 80486DX has a built-in math coprocessor that is ideal for FEA-type analysis and an 8-kilobyte memory cache.
The IBM eServer p690 is fueled by the POWER4 microprocessor, the first "server on a chip," containing two one-gigahertz-plus processors, a high-bandwidth system switch, a large memory cache and I/O interface.
Apple's 300 Mhz Power Macintosh G3 ($2,329) is one of the latest in the company's line of G3 machines that boasts revamped internal architecture featuring one megabyte of L2 memory cache.
By providing direct access to a very large SRAM memory cache, application performance increases.
These will include multi-chip ceramic modules (MCM) and memory cache components for use in IBM and Hitachi servers.