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Synonyms for memory



hard disk

Synonyms for memory

the power of retaining and recalling past experience

an act or instance of remembering

Synonyms for memory

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The dynamics of bilingual memory are illustrated within the construct of language ecology (Creese & Martin, 2003), which acknowledges the importance of both the language speaker (the individual) as well as the language setting (the environment).
Several technologies have potential to dominate the future of microchip nonvolatile memory.
ARM technology is positioned to provide the foundation for many of tomorrow's leading-edge mobile devices, and we are pleased that developers who use ARM technology can build their designs around Spansion Flash memory.
Our memories are not like a videotape,'' said James McGaugh, director of the Center for the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory at the University of California, Irvine.
The editors have organized the contributions into four distinct but related sections: Memory and its Materials, The Imagery of Memory, Family Identity, and the Transmission of Memory.
Even if current programs fit within a machine's existing memory, there are good reasons to purchase and install additional memory chips.
Ovonyx and its largest shareholder, Energy Conversion Devices, invented and pioneered the development of PCRAM technology, thereby gaining a fundamental understanding of PCRAM operation, including phase change memory devices, materials, processing, design, modeling, and performance optimization.
Lexar Media has collaborated with Sony in support of the Memory Stick format for over three years," said Eric Stang, chairman, president and CEO, Lexar Media.
We have a limited amount of space in our memory system.
This approach proves more efficient than cramming the brain with one memory after another, each stored in its entirety within a cavernous cerebral library, but it also creates the possibility of remembering things that never happened.
The advancement heralds future success for "phase-change" memory, which appears to be much faster and can be scaled to dimensions smaller than flash - enabling future generations of high-density "non-volatile" memory devices as well as more powerful electronics.
This could accelerate the commercialization of MRAM, a breakthrough memory technology with the potential to begin replacing some of today's memory technologies as early as 2005.
Fifteen women cited "severe" memory deficits for their childhoods or had only recently unearthed memories of abuse.
Then it gives full details about handset embedded memory manufacturers.
In addition to the standard 512MB, 1GB and 2GB memory options, Dataram features a 4GB memory upgrade that expands the HP zx2000 to 8GB of total memory and the HP zx6000 to 24GB--the largest amount of memory to date configured in an Intel-based workstation.