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a person who learns by rote

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Following it's promising European debut in the summer of 2005 in Germany, France, Belgium, Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, and Switzerland, Cellular Memorizer products have gained impressive acceptance amongst the 12 million EU psoriasis sufferers, reaching efficacy levels of 77% amongst its users.
Using cool and effective quizzes and interactive flashcards, FLY Memorizer helps kids learn the facts and also includes four games to help kids master important study techniques and fine tune their general study habits.
describing Al-Kharafi as the memorizer of the Ever-Honorable Qur'an, and the
Optoderma Cellular Memorizer has clinically proven results without the side-effects caused by many conventional treatments.
The ceremony begins with the memorizer wearing a special traditional dress.
This year's contest saw many gifted reciters and memorizers of the Holy Quran, said Al-Jalahma, adding that the winning contestants will be interviewed by local media and radio stations to reflect on their experience during the course of the contest.
It can be assumed with certainty that this copy that Abu Bakr had matched exactly the words that the Prophet (peace be upon him) had spoken because of the numerous memorizers of Qur'an present in Madinah, coupled with the disseminated pieces of parchment on which it was recorded.
HM King's humanitarian amnesty includes healed addicts, memorizers of the Holy Quran and patients.
By combining readings, multimedia, activities and assessments in one easy-to-use interface, MindTap helps instructors maximize student engagement and turn memorizers into higher-level thinkers
Ayatollah Khamenei made the remarks, addressing a ceremony attended by the reciters and memorizers of the holy Quran as well as Quranic scholars.
He called scholars, clerics and the memorizers of the Holy Quran to provide an advice through mosques and meetings with the public and youths in particular that terrorism has affected the economy very badly.
The competition aims at urging the Omanis to memorize the Holy Quran to come with distinguished memorizers to enhance the Sultanate's presence in the International Holy Quran Competition, which translates the Royal vision of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said.
This is what differentiates the top memorizers from the second tier," he writes.
The Islamic Republic complained last week that Saudi Arabia has refused to issue visas for three Iranian Qoran memorizers to attend a Qoran recitation contest in Mecca.
The International Contest recorded high attendees as young memorizers of the Holy Quran from around the world competed to demonstrate their ability to memorize and recite the Holy Quran.