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learning so as to be able to remember verbatim

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In the fourth level, memorization of 12 consecutive parts with Tajweed.
Research on rote memorization has shown that a prolonged period of repetitive rote memorization may lead to improvements in verbal/episodic memory, which persists in the weeks following the cessation of exercise of rote learning.
Cursive and the memorization of multiplication tables are excellent brain exercises and help us learn more complicated concepts later," remarked one respondent.
This type of thorough memorization gives the performer the added benefit of a fully engaged mind, which heightens concentration and even leaves room for some creative spontaneity
T'azur continuously looks for various means to promote community and spiritual values, therefore we are proud to have the opportunity to partner with Al Eslah Society in sponsoring the Quran Memorization Contest," said Sheikh Dr Abdulaziz Bin Naif Al Orayer, t'azur's chairman of the board of directors.
The upcoming international contest on recitation and memorization of Holy Quran includes a story writing section.
In the second level for memorization of 24 parts of the Holy Quran, Abdullah bin Khadim Al MaEoe1/4aomari from the wilayat of JaEoe1/4aolan came first, followed by Hanan bint Ahmed bin Said from the governorate of Dhofar and Sami bin Said Al MaEoe1/4aomari from the wilayat of JaEoe1/4aolan.
of Toronto, these 20 interlinking essays describe how educators and parents can counter the deficits produced by increasing dependence on rote memorization, teaching to the test, and succumbing to the quick-fix and the superficial.
As for his current feat of memorization, he cites British actor Alec McCowan's performance of the King James version of the Gospel of Mark on Broadway as an inspiration.
Award-winning playwright, novelist and poet Shange (for colored girls who have considered suicide/when the rainbow is enuf, Sassafras, Cypress & Indigo: A Novel) and ubiquitous tenor sax legend David Murray (World Saxophone Quartet) revisit their collaborations and friendship of the past 30 years in poems covering everything from lamenting meditations on love ("These Kisses Are Fine") to a whirlwind musical blood memorization ("Third Generation Geechee Myth For John Purcell") that capture the energy of their recent live performances.
Featuring the top one-hundred drink recipes made with eight main spirits arranged easy memorization by the bartender and/or home party host, Spirits And Their Popular Drinks offers listeners expert advice on the many variables involved in creating drinks using such vodka, gin, rum, tequila, scotch, brandy, bourbon/whiskey, cognac, and so many more.
Mathematical Model for Learning and Memorization Dynamics
The difficulties in fourth grade arose from new math ideas such as fractions, timed tests, and memorization of multiplication tables and formulas.
The depth of innovative managers with global perspectives is relatively thin, and the educational systems in Asia emphasize memorization of facts and the ability to take tests," Yoon says.