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a memorial made of brass


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It is uncertain when the name was first ascribed to the cave, but the cave's iconographic scheme seems based upon a stone tablet titled Jinling Sheshan Qixiasi Bei [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (A Memorial Tablet for the Qixia Temple at She Mountain in Jinling) (Su 1989, 390-91), erected by the Southern Chen (557-89) official Jiang Zong [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (519-94).
In short, I am asked to confirm a memorial tablet which is, in effect, unlawful.
Cowper's memorial tablet in St Philip's Church is inscribed: 'He laboured with constancy and zeal for the salvation of his fellow men.
I'd seen the memorial tablet with its rather comic bust many times and I wasn't feeling particularly solemn or respectful as we processed down the nave.
At the same time, I am also attempting to identify an R Saunders named on the World War II memorial tablet.
A memorial tablet on the wall is inscribed with the words "Until the day break".
As Gilmour chides gently, the memorial tablet in Westminster Abbey 'does not say quite enough': '1858-1947.
The issue was an acute one, not only because the British state was still in the process of formation--the Irish Act of Union received Royal assent in the very month in which, according to the memorial tablet, the temple was constructed, August 1800, and the Scottish Act of Union was less than a century old--but also because the British state was at this time engaged in a continental war which was helping to define, and being used to define, what it was to be British.
There is pleasure in noting that, though life estranged them, death partly reconciled them: Stanford now reposes in Westminster Abbey, where Elgar has a memorial tablet.
A memorial tablet placed in the Royal Mausoleum at Frogmore made him the only non-member of the family to be so honoured.
On the memorial tablet to him were inscribed words which he had himself chosen: "Ex Umbris et Imaginibus in Veritatem"--"Out of Shadows and Shades into Truth.
Now funeral firm Sekise of Nagoya will allow the deceased's DNA to be stored in their memorial tablet.
Reiko Hakogi, 61, put a Buddhist memorial tablet for her deceased husband on a wardrobe as soon as she entered her housing unit.
One memorial tablet was erected in memory of priests "who voluntarily ministered to the typhus stricken emigrants.
Reminders of the often violent past of this part of Ireland cannot be ignored - a statue here, a memorial tablet there and the old military roads that bisect the moorland.
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