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a record of things worth remembering

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member FINRA & SIPC, is acting as the lead financial advisor to Bitzio in the financing transaction, and as financial advisor to Grandstand Sports & Memorabilia with respect to the acquisition.
Lynsey Wilkins, who works for Tracks, said: "Beatles signatures have risen the most dramatically in price out of the whole range of pop memorabilia.
As well as sporting memorabilia, the auction includes a wide range of collectors items, ranging from toys, cars and trains from Hornby, Corgi and many other classic makers, antique dolls and teddy bears and collections of stamps, postcards and coins through the ages.
It is this possibility of unearthing the unexpected rarity, a find of real sporting value, which explains why sports memorabilia is increasingly viewed as an investment asset class in it own right.
The company sells sports memorabilia, pictures of sports icons, and unsigned collectibles from all of major sports.
Fans and dealers turned out at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York's Times Square for the sale that included a car driven by Jackson, as well as David Bowie's guitar and memorabilia from the Beatles to Bo Diddley.
Now Mrs Dempsey has issued an ultimatum to the Maritime Museum to provide her uncle's memorabilia with a suitable home.
The memorabilia or the treasures are now in my possession.
Bigbluetube, one of the UK's leading supplier of authentic signed sports memorabilia, has announced details of the agreement with the ECB to become its first official memorabilia partner.
There indeed is a heavy emphasis on the Fab Four in his garage: One corner houses psychedelic Beatles memorabilia solely from 1967.
The memorabilia fetching most cash at the moment relates to acts including The Beatles, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin.
Swann is the leading auction, with regard to African American books and manuscripts, says Philip Merrill, owner of Nanny Jack & Company, which specializes in black memorabilia.
to scavenge for black memorabilia at thrift shops, antiques shows, and flea markets.
Some memorabilia you could include are notes you've passed in class, postcards she's sent you from family vacations, programs from school plays you were both in, school newspaper clippings, CD covers, party invites, ticket stubs (from concerts, movies, plays, sporting events or theme parks you've gone to together) and, of course, photos--anything that represents the fun you two have had.
Under the premise that "we could all use a laugh," or that racist antiques are collectible documentation of "how bad things used to be," ethnic memorabilia sell like hotcakes in online auctions and other markers.