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characterized by formation of a membrane (or something resembling a membrane)

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Relatively few reports have illustrated morphologically either spontaneous or surgical closure of membranous ventricular septal defect (VSD) (1-10).
Their theory is supported by the discovery of patches of membranous tissue preserved in the fossil remains.
Jhonny Lameon, 7, suffered from a severe frontonasal encephalocele: a neural tube defect that resulted in membranous sacs expanding through his eyes and covering his face, Daily Mail reported.
It is a neural tube defect resulting in membranous sacs covering his face.
On the ultrasound-guided biopsy performed to clarify renal disease, the unexpected pattern of rapidly progressive GN was observed instead of the chronic membranous GN typically associated with P.
Paraproct divided into 3 lobes; inner lobe slightly sclerotized, slender, with a short darkly sclerotized line medially; median lobe slightly sclerotized and broad basally, narrowed to apex, the narrow portion sclerotized, a membranous portion accreted on the narrow portion, bearing some long strong spines on the apex of both membranous portion and narrow sclerotized portion, long strong spines appear circular distribution; outer lobe darkly sclerotized, shorter than median lobe, basal slender, medial broad and flat, narrowed to apex, with several strong, black spines on the tip (Fig.
Food and Drug Administration allowed marketing of the first test that can help determine if a specific type of kidney disease, called membranous glomerulonephritis (MGN), is due to the body s rejection of its own kidney tissue (autoimmune) or if it is due to another cause (such an infection).
Once inside a male, the membranous part of the female gynosome inflates and numerous spines internally anchor the two insects together.
Steroid eye drops may be required for membranous adenoviral conjunctivitis or for symptomatic relief in very severe inflammations.
If bacterial infection supervenes, it can take the shape of membranous or haemorrhagic conjunctivitis, which is associated with discharge and an illness that is somewhat prolonged.
In addition to having new editors, this edition has been revised and updated with new sections on recent advances; new chapters on kidney development, the assessment of kidney function, onconephrology, and transplant infectious disease; expanded content on acute kidney injury, transplant medicine, and the kidney in the elderly; and information on glomerular filtration rate estimation, biomarkers, and pathologic targets in membranous nephropathy, minimal change disease, and viral nephropathies.
Reports of epidemics of "throat distemper" began to appear in the 1500s, but before the 19th century, diphtheria was known around the world by many different names, such as Syrian ulcer, membranous angina, malignant croup, and Boulogne sore throat.
Absence of E-cadherin membranous staining is characteristic of lobular carcinomas, including PLC (Figure 2, D).