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Synonyms for membership

Synonyms for membership

the body of members of an organization or group

the state of being a member

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Alternatively, the CalCPA Council may conduct a written ballot of the entire membership of the chapters, under rules established by the CalCPA Council.
The Hackls contributed additional cash and securities totaling close to $8 million to Treeco and soon began making gifts of LLC membership units to their eight children and their spouses and to a trust for their grandchildren.
between jobs) to continue their membership for up to two years .
AAA, initially gaining its reputation as a roadside emergency assistance company, has carved out a loyal membership base.
I look at chapter relations and membership together as a kind of conduit for providing services, both local and national, to the individual member," he adds.
50 to 100 hours: Jet membership or fractional share
In the ruling, a taxpayer owns and manages public and private golf courses and collects a one-time flat membership fee from each new member, paid in addition to monthly fees and other dues.
Designed for physicians who want the freedom of making one dues payment and never having to worry about remembering to renew again, the first ACPE Life Membership option notices were sent with annual membership renewal mailings in late 2001.
RealOne Membership and RealOne Music offer consumers more than they could ever get before in one place on the Web, and Compaq's multimedia computers are a great place to experience media.
Professional Member: Professional membership is available to any individual interested in advancing ACA's mission.
The problem continues; parishes and dioceses have become even more lax about reporting statistics -- both membership and financial data.
Membership was opened to permit persons who were "engaged in rehabilitation work under private auspices" to be invited by the Executive Committee to become active members.
AFS Executive Vice President Chuck Jones presided over the meeting, which featured presentations by Maria Komon, AFS vice president of finance; Ian Kay, CMI vice president of education; Marnelle Bragg, new AFS director of membership services; and Diana Waterman and Stephanie Salmon of Waterman & Assoc.
BOSTON, May 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Beginning July 1, ITT Sheraton will be included in the first-ever introduction of hotel chains to the Membership Miles program of American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc.
Sentient Jet, the leading provider of private jet membership, today announced its latest innovation, the Preferred Plus Card, adding a new membership solution to meet the needs of the world's private jet travelers.
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