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of a group or set having no members


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In these states, the memberless LLC can be pulled from the lawyer's "shelf" to simply add members and an operating agreement to fit a currently negotiated deal.
I assume Skerry views the Voting Rights Act and Civil Rights Act as important pieces of legislation, but maybe he believes that those were the last real, substantive victories for a civil fights movement that is now irrelevant and memberless.
Too many valuable aspects of the old civic America are not being reproduced or reinvented in the new public world of memberless organizations.
Whether we are talking about memberless advocacy groups, advocacy groups with some chapters, mailing-list associations, or nonprofit institutions, it is hard to escape the conclusion that the wealthiest and best-educated Americans are much more privileged in the new civic world than their (less numerous) counterparts were in the pre-1960s civic world of cross-class membership federations.
153) The Hunt case involved a memberless State of Washington commission that was deemed to represent apple growers who had "all of the indicia of membership,"(154) in a suit based on the Commerce Clause of the Constitution.
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