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recently announced positive cognitive data collected in the Phase 1 clinical trial of its lead nicotinic alpha-7 partial agonist, MEM 3454.
HCL did a great job managing their resources, so MEM received all the upsides of a global staff without many of the management downsides.
For more information about OpenPeak's full suite of MEM solutions, visit www.
Managing director of MEM Group, Fathi Al Mohammad, said, We are excited to continue our relationship with BAC and look forward to creating a new energy that will complement the world-class facility.
Our more than 3,000 MEM customers know that we will deliver the most secure, most scalable, and most innovative Mobile IT technology so that they can focus on what really matters: transforming their businesses through mobility.
Or for the latest news, follow Mem Marshal on Twitter for the most up-to-date information about product updates and scheduled training sessions
The data suggests that MEM 1414 may be able to produce a robust anti-inflammatory effect without emesis or nausea, and I look forward to evaluating its potential in a clinical setting.
Users can buy what they need to meet their storage needs today, and easily add MEMs and LRMs to create much larger systems as their requirements increase.
Equally important was the progress we reported with our two proprietary programs, including the positive pro-cognitive and anti-inflammatory data for MEM 1414 and the nomination of MEM 68626 as our lead 5-HT6 antagonist development candidate with potential applicability in cognition or obesity," stated Vaughn M.
Duffy's acquisition of the controlling interest in the company, the operating business of MEM Financial Solutions in lieu of the lending factory, Inc has been reconveyed to the companies former president Mark E McCleod.
today presented preclinical data for MEM 68626, its lead 5-HT6 antagonist drug candidate, at the 2008 Alzheimer's Association International Conference on Alzheimer's Disease (ICAD) in Chicago.
The Company reported new clinical data for MEM 1414, its lead PDE4 inhibitor, demonstrating the compound's CNS activity in humans.
The second edition of the MEM also includes a special topic focusing on primary education under fiscal constraints.
Femme Fractale: An Opera of Reflection is the original jazz orchestra creation of Mem Nahadr, also known as "M", a multitalented vocalist, composer, and performer.
The short story and film follows a true narrative about two star crossed lovers, Mem and Zin.