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melted snow or ice

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The gravels that you can see out there are the remains of a really powerful river containing glacial meltwater.
These ancient rivers didn't just have more power because of the volume of meltwater they contained.
Kluane Lake discharge hydrographs for 1993 and 1994, however, indicate that Kaskawulsh Glacier meltwaters were channeled via the Slims River into the Yukon River system.
Ionic concentrations and proportional variation in Slims River meltwaters from April to June 1993.
Summary of proportional cationic percentage ranges of meltwaters from the Slims River and other glacier-fed streams.
Water flowing through these deposits would have greater concentrations of dissolved solids than ice or snow meltwaters (Lemmens and Roger, 1978).
These dilute meltwaters may be delayed in reaching the ion-rich subglacial meltwater system or glacier portal, which leads to higher dissolved solids concentrations on the rising hydrograph limb.
In both years, major conductivity peaks preceded peaks in SSC, and in particular the second peak in 1994 was consistent with the emergence of ion-enriched meltwaters during an establishing subglacial drainage system.
Hydrograph and chemograph separation of bulk meltwaters draining the upper Arolla glacier, Valais, Switzerland.
Hydrochemistry of meltwaters draining from an alpine glacier.
Dissolution kinetics, transit times through subglacial hydrological pathways and diurnal variations of solute content of meltwaters draining from an alpine glacier.
Suspended sediment flux in meltwaters draining from Batura Glacier as an indicator of the rate of glacial erosion in the Karakoram Mountains.
Sediment transport and solute variation in the meltwaters of Dokriani Glacier (Bamak), Garhwal Himalaya.