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melted snow or ice

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These show that following retreat of the Hiram ice, possibly meltwater and eventually local runoff was ponded in low areas between bedrock highs adjacent to the valley and morainal deposits within the valley.
Condron and Winsor say this level of weakening is unlikely to have accounted for the 1,000-year cold climate event that followed the meltwater flood.
Atop the meter-thick ice, pools of sky-blue meltwater were accumulating as the Arctic summer progressed.
Summer meltwater isn't currently so much an issue in Antarctica, which is so far south that the majority of its ice sheet stays frozen all year.
The panel said it stood by its scientific conclusion that " widespread mass losses from glaciers and reductions in snow cover over recent decades are projected to accelerate throughout the 21st century, reducing water availability, hydropower potential, and changing seasonality of flows in regions supplied by meltwater from major mountain ranges ( e.
It is not clear whether the chemicals could travel out of the Alpine area, following meltwater into the North Sea or evaporating into the air, nor is it clear whether the same problem persists in other glacial regions around the globe.
Some of the meltwater travels all the way down to the bottom of the glacier, where it may act like a lubricant to speed up the glacier's movement.
A meltwater lake on the surface of a glacier suddenly emptied in July 2006, sending millions of gallons of water through cracks in the ice sheet to the ground where it could affect the movement of the ice.
The campaign is based on the theme of perfect harmony and highlights the brand's eco credentials, such as its use of organic grapes and pure Andean meltwater, which it claims enhances growth.
Here we are with the world on the brink of a recession, stock markets plummeting, the country mired in two disastrous foreign adventures and potentially up to the gunwales in arctic meltwater - not to mention Israel publicly trying to throttle Palestine to death - and the man who was at the helm as we were steered into this unholy mess has been busy explaining his exciting new mission with Zurich: "There is a consensus now that the challenge of climate change is real," said Tone, "and what we need now are the policy solutions to turn that concern into action.
Meltwater from the glacier provides water to rivers and lakes that feed into the Nile.
As Greenland melts, the theory goes, the less-dense meltwater interferes with the sinking of the formerly warm Gulf Stream water, and the circulation shuts down.
A large chunk had broken off in March, crashing into the meltwater lake below and sending a flood wave into alpacas' lower grazing grounds.
Farmers in the fertile valleys below fear that the mine will contaminate and disrupt water supplies and parch their land, which is nourished by glacial meltwater and stream run-off.
The latter include the effects of vertical land movements as the earth recovers from glacial loading and also the response to changing ocean volume associated with glacial meltwater and ocean warming.