melting point

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the temperature below which a liquid turns into a solid

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The two grades deliver lower shrinkage, faster crystallization, and higher melting points across the broad range of manufacturing processes used to produce fibers and nonwoven fabrics.
Which nonmetal has the highest melting point on your chart?
further phase Lanson managing director Joe Cookson outside 1535 The Melting Point in Firth Street, Huddersfield
During the melting point process, a very small quantity of a crushed substance is heated slowly until the first liquid drop appears.
This depression in melting point is directly related to the concentration of the solute.
In conventional phase-change memory it was necessary to heat the phase-change film material to past the melting point during resetting (amorphization).
This composition contains a hydrophobic agent characterized as having a melting point or glass transition temperature of less than 100[degrees]C; a fluoropolymer; and an effective amount of a zeta potential modifier.
There have been a number of attempts in the past to overcome the fact that PVOH thermally degrades at a temperature very close to its melting point.
Copper levels above 1% potentially impact the stability of the process by affecting the melting point and encouraging [Cu.
Thermoplastic materials do not exhibit an exact melting point marking the transition from a solid to liquid, so the Vicat softening temperature was introduced as a substitute for the melting point for measurement and test purposes.
Next, they placed the whole structure in water heated to a temperature above the solder's melting point, and then gently jostled the structure.
In fact, says Carol Handwerker, chief of the metallurgy division at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, "The whole electronics infrastructure was designed around the melting point and physical properties of [lead].
The TecTix system is based on transiently reducing the melting point of an active drug by using a combination of known chemical compounds as special permeation enhancers.
The point is that some element combinations in the solder or the solderable coatings will produce alloy traces in a joint that can have a relative, low melting point.