melting point

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the temperature below which a liquid turns into a solid

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By comparison, thermoplastics, which owe their properties at room temperature to extensive crystallinity which provides a virtual network between the chains, are easy to process at temperatures above the melting point of the polymer, but fail, for reasons indicated earlier, to provide a elastomeric tensile response at ambient temperatures.
The best solution is to raise the temperature above the melting point of pattern wax, when it will be a liquid with all components of the blend completely melted.
Last year, researchers demonstrated that a lead crystal's surface can be heated as much as 120 kelvins above the metal's melting point of 327.
Often, an induction furnace can rapidly reach the failure temperature of even the highest melting point refractories without warning to someone unfamiliar with the conditions.
PA9T's melting point is 306 C (583 F), meaning that no modification is needed to suppress the melting point (as is typically required for PA6T types) so that the material can be molded.
It has a low melting point, and a broad working range of 300 [degrees] F to 1,100 [degrees] F, according to the company.
During the past 20 years, however, researchers have realized that when they make extremely tiny particles of metals, inert gases or molecular crystals, the melting point drops, sometimes by a lot.
As a result of the exothermic reaction of the constituents, the refractory powder rapidly approaches its melting point and bonds to the repair zone substrate.
The process punches donut-shaped billets from sheet, heats them precisely to the melting point, then forces the material with air pressure into mold cavities.
The breakthrough in producing low melting point polymers while exhibiting a low melt flow rate is said to be a positive step in developing new products where metallocenes bring unprecedented, attributes and product improvement, according to the company.
Ice in warmer locations lies closer to the melting point than does Antarctic ice.
The key attribute of Vectra T840 is higher heat resistance, namely a melting point of 370 C, Vicat softening temperature of 212 C, and HDT of 230 C at 264 psi.
The melting point of the crystalline NR in figure 3 is about 45[degrees]C (113[degrees]F); this is 17[degrees]C (31[degrees]F) above the normal melting point for crystalline NR, which is 28[degrees]C (82.