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Synonyms for melted

changed from a solid to a liquid state

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The ice was melted for three or four rods from the shore, and there was a smooth and warm sheet of water, with a muddy bottom, such as the ducks love, within, and he thought it likely that some would be along pretty soon.
Seeing that she had really melted away to nothing, Dorothy drew another bucket of water and threw it over the mess.
But at last the snows melted, and the ice upon the great lake, and as the wolves went down to the shore, the boy went after them.
The Spirits gladly welcomed her, and led her to the Queen, before whom she poured out the sparkling gems she had gathered with such toil and care; but when the Spirits tried to form them into crowns, they trickled from their hands like colored drops of dew, and Ripple saw with fear and sorrow how they melted one by one away, till none of all the many she had brought remained.
Just then father lifted the rainbow again, without noticing me at all, and though I tried to seize the end of it and hold fast, it melted away entirely and I was left alone and helpless on the cold, hard earth
So quick was the occurrence of action, that the first shot from Tambi's musket missed the Mary ere Borckman had quite melted to the deck.
And imagine me, who had melted a silver spoon in my mouth--a sizable silver spoon steward--imagine me, my old sore bones, my old belly reminiscent of youth's delights, my old palate ticklish yet and not all withered of the deviltries of taste learned in younger days--as I say, steward, imagine me, who had ever been free-handed, lavish, saving that dollar and a half intact like a miser, never spending a penny of it on tobacco, never mitigating by purchase of any little delicacy the sad condition of my stomach that protested against the harshness and indigestibility of our poor fare.
A sum that in the days ere the silver spoon had melted, I staked in careless moods of an instant on a turn of the cards.
2 : to grow less : disappear <Clouds melted away.
Electric Arc Furnace (EAF)--A steel-making furnace in which ferrous scrap can make up to 100 percent of the material melted.
By suspending instruments on a 50-meter-long cable across each test plot, the researchers could measure the albedo of the terrain during winter and spring without disturbing the plots' vegetation or the surface of the snow as it melted.
Once a melt is poured from a furnace, an entirely different alloy can be melted, allowing for a rapid changeover.
Although this type of numerical analysis is employed in various plastics extrusion models, it can only simulate what takes place in an extruder after the polymer is completely melted.
When a transducer is positioned too far upstream in the barrel, unmelted pellets may abrade pool of melted plastic will build up between the transducer tip and the screw flights.
We had good melted cheese, passable salads, filet mignon, duck, shrimp, pork tenderloin, chicken, ravioli, lobster and a slew of veggies plus fresh fruit and marshmallows to dip in chocolate one night along with a couple of bottles of wine (we brought one) for a $200 tab (actually $202.