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severe overheating of the core of a nuclear reactor resulting in the core melting and radiation escaping

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a disaster comparable to a nuclear meltdown

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They outline the characteristics of these students, the nature of meltdowns, the procedures for analyzing meltdown behavior and developing strategies for interventions, and a six-phase positive behavior support model that outlines common behavioral features and interventions for each phase, as well as the role of parents in developing a behavior support plan and the component implemented at home and in the community.
ONE OF this year's X Factor contestants has already had an emotional meltdown, saying she wants to "jump off a cliff".
The plant's operator, Tokyo Electric Power Co, Tepco, had been wary of using the term "meltdown" but said earlier Tuesday it had concluded meltdowns had occurred at three reactors.
A partial meltdown was already likely under way at one nuclear reactor, a top official said, and operators were frantically trying to keep temperatures down at the power plant's other units and prevent the disaster from growing even worse.
Network managers gain fine-grain access control and improved security, while the infrastructure optimizes the allocation of the wireless bandwidth to address the problems of Microcell Wi-Fi Meltdowns caused by Wi-Fi spectrum congestion.
The first segment of the book "Meltdowns: Primary Contributing Factors," covers underlying health issues, trigger events, and the possible benefits (from the child's perspective) of having a meltdown.
First off, says Baker, most kids don't have meltdowns just to be obstinate or make your life miserable; it's because they lack the skills to behave in appropriate ways.
According to one expert quoted by the Journal, the recent dot-com meltdown has wiped out so many fortunes and derailed so many careers that victims are seeking inspiration from individuals who have survived similar disasters.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Nuclear engineers warned the Senate of the threats facing two US nuclear power facilities, which could result in enormous explosions or a Fukushima-like meltdown if natural phenomena or weather conditions cause the facilities to fail.
A government-affiliated body tasked with planning what was to be the nation's first nuclear emergency drill following the core meltdowns last year at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant omitted a reactor meltdown scenario from its disaster simulations, according to a draft obtained by Kyodo News.
Daily meltdowns and tantrums are a huge challenge in a family struggling with autism and related disorders--finally there's a book packed with a focus just on meltdowns that offer parents and professionals clues to short-circuiting the experience.
Researchers conceded that their work is based on some assumptions and data from other meltdowns, but said they were forced to fill in the gaps when Boeing and the Department of Energy refused to provide key information on the accident needed to calculate exposure and cancer risk.
As it is, Zidane ramming Materazzi in the chest and subsequently being booted out of the game rates as the single dumbest meltdowns in the history of sports.
Montgomerie's meltdowns in majors are well-chronicled.
The legislation would block Ventura County's land-use authority on the site of a 1959 partial nuclear meltdown, and that of other cities and counties if future meltdowns were to occur on other sites.