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severe overheating of the core of a nuclear reactor resulting in the core melting and radiation escaping

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a disaster comparable to a nuclear meltdown

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The flaws-dubbed Meltdown and Spectre-are in chips made by Intel and other major suppliers.
The post Intel hit with 32 lawsuits over Spectre, Meltdown appeared first on Tahawul Tech.
For IT organizations evaluating the impact of Meltdown patches and the benefits of kernel bypass technology, Solarflare introduced the Meltdown Prevention Program designed to make the evaluation of Linux Meltdown patches simple and cost effective.
from vulnerabilities associated with the Spectre and Meltdown issues.
Of the two, Meltdown poses the greatest threat because it is easier to exploit and affects all kinds of computers, including personal computers and virtual machines in the cloud.
The company also didn't delve any deeper into Meltdown and Spectre separately.
By using the Meltdown bug, attackers can break the fundamental memory isolation between user applications and the computer's core memory.
In a statement on its website, Apple said all Mac and iOS devices are affected by both Meltdown and Spectre.
Other processor makers including AMD and ARM thus far have not been plagued by Meltdown, but are affected by a similar bug called Spectre.
The UN documentary shows us the shrink and meltdown in the region putting in danger not millions but billions of human beings in danger and bringing an end to their survival,' a statement releasedon Tuesday said.
ROCK legend Robert Plant has pulled out of the Meltdown Festival - because he has to appear in court.
Meltdown in Haditha: The Killing of 24 Iraqi Civilians by US Marines and the Failure of Military justice
Nuclear Regulatory Commission and suggested that the theory had direct application to the hydrogen burn that followed a nuclear reactor meltdown in Unit 2 at Three Mile Island.
Labour's meltdown in Scotland has been created " Scotland.
Tokyo: A team of nuclear scientists in Japan said Thursday they plan to create a controlled reactor meltdown in a bid to learn how to deal with future disasters like that at Fukushima.