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beetle that produces a secretion that blisters the skin

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18) Another difference is that victims usually remember coming into contact with Meloid or Oedemerid beetles because of their large size (Figure 3).
Other species of arthropods such as meloid beetles, millipedes and velvet ants (mutillids), which were common at this site and are known to possess effective chemical defenses (Punzo 2000b), were not found in the stomachs of these lizards.
A variety of morphological characters have been implicated in avoidance and escape from visual predators, including cryptic dorsal coloration to match the soil substrate (Townsend 1886; Willis 1967; Schultz 1986; Kamoun 1991), mimetic coloration patterns resembling other defended insects such as mutilid wasps and meloid beetles (Acorn 1988), bright iridescent coloration presumed to hinder the localization of the beetle during flight by deflecting sunlight (Schultz 1986; Acorn 1988), and aposematic orange coloration of the abdomen (Shelly and Pearson 1978) shown to reduce robber fly attack in experimental tests using orange and black paper models (Pearson 1985).
The infamous aphrodisiac "Spanish fly" derives not from flies but from the dried bodies of meloid beetles.
They're overwrought, overpaid, overweight musical luvvies, 250lbs of neurosis attached to a box designed to consume Meloids and produce decibels, who believe the ability to hit a top F means they don't need to learn to act.
Although this genus contains approximately 17% of all known species of meloids in the Nearctic (n = 410) (Pinto & Bologna 2002), little is known about many of these species of blister beetles.