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an extravagant comedy in which action is more salient than characterization

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La presencia frecuente del melodrama en la historia del cine ha provocado debates sobre sus definiciones y funciones en la cultura popular.
With these stresses in mind, I explore the nexus of melodrama and spectrality following the cues offered by Mary Shelley's experience of it.
This case study is not necessarily a symptomatic reading; rather, I treat it more as a metaphor or an exercise in thinking about melodrama as method, and melodrama as doing the work of mediating borders and (national) identities.
6) As the definition of melodrama raises issues about generic terminology and the differences between critical and industrial definitions, Michael Walker suggests that it may be best to divide the heritage into "melodramas of action," typically about the hero in conflict with the enemy, and "melodramas of passion," as exemplified by the woman's film (Neal 202).
The rise of the social melodrama or reform play coincided with the popularity of the American sentimental or domestic novel.
The interest of the melodrama is to simply make up a story where opposites are clearly identified: the white is pure and beautiful and the indigeneous character is evil and ugly.
Batallas en el desierto utiliza al melodrama para inscribirse en el pero tambien para distanciarse de el, con el fin de transgredirlo y develar su uso como propaganda politica y moralista.
To advance her thesis, Meyer considers global Schnitzler scholarship, theories of melodrama and masculinity, and Schnitzler's contemporary context.
Estos son, expuestos de manera muy sintetica, los ingredientes de las historias que urden respectivamente las novelas Melodrama (1985) de Luis Zapata y Fruta verde (2006) de Enrique Serna.
This was the third day of rehearsal at Cottage Theatre's annual summer melodrama camp, an intensive workshop that takes 25 children from zero to three full-scale public performances of an original musical comedy in the space of just two weeks.
Se ha reportado que Telemundo ha comenzado una campana para que el melodrama sea nominado a los prestigiosos premios Emmy, las tan ansiadas nominaciones serian como mejor serie y mejor actriz protagonica.
1) Even the standard works on melodrama pay it minimal attention or none at all.
Hollywood has had an enormous influence in the world cinema industries not only through exporting American productions to the rest of the world, but also through its influence in film genres such as melodrama and Film Noir.
Kamelot, with its over-the-top melodrama and grandiose songwriting that's somehow reminiscent at points of both Iron Maiden and Rush, is clearly one of the ones that can pull off the trick, immersing itself in the high-stakes melodrama with flair.