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an extravagant comedy in which action is more salient than characterization

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In this confrontation transformed into dreamed collaboration, Selma and Oldrich also enact a version of chiasmus, the rhetorical figure of crossing and exchange, and it is in Selma's imagined dance sequence with Novy that the two genres, the musical and the melodrama, meet and briefly exchange identities.
GUY MADDIN: It's peculiar that I'm a big fan of fairy tales and melodrama yet love the Neorealists too.
3) Melodrama engages the emotions in multiple ways: through exaggerated plot devices which endanger the innocent (children and defenseless women are commonplace), through an exaggerated rhetoric which gives unconstrained voice and gesture to agony piled on agony or delight upon delight, and through an emotional lens that foregrounds the magnified feelings of the protagonists.
This is an interactive show -- audiences will be able to "cheer" the hero, "boo" the villain and "sigh" for the heroine as they make their way through hilarious melodrama antics.
The Santa Monica Playhouse is celebrating its 12th visit to Britain with an American double bill featuring musical Moonlight Madness and country and western show The Amazing American Melodrama.
Women in those days - and even today, in my Film and Gender classes - sobbed at the final scene of this melodrama, in which Stanwyck stands in the rain looking in at her daughter's posh wedding, forever a social misfit, but a "good mother" nonetheless.
Boston Globe reporters Chris Black and Tom Oliphant have confected a campaign melodrama about the very best efforts of John Sasso, Susan Estrich, Tubby Harrison, Jack Corigan, Tom Kiley, Nick Mitropoulos et al to guide the Massachusetts Governor into the White House in spite of himself.
There was both amusement and melodrama at DOE headquarters as the 2 p.
Stewart's first prominent movie role came courtesy of Margaret Sullavan, who requested he play her husband in the 1936 melodrama "Next Time We Love.
It's a delightful black-and-white silent melodrama that sets the story against the bullfighting arenas of the 1920s.
COTTAGE GROVE - So many people turned out Sunday for the final showing of the melodrama "There's a Rip in the Big Top" that Cottage Theatre's executive director began with an unusual request:
From the starred review of the book in KLIATT, November 2005: "Without once descending to sentimentality or melodrama, this novel [reveals] 17-year-old Rose Latham's pain at being the driver of the car in an accident that put her older sister Ivy in a coma.
It's a soap opera that pretends to aspire to something beyond mere melodrama, but a lurid soap is all it seems to be.
Our faith in evil; melodrama and the effects of entertainment violence.
Due to the Revolution, lower middle classes and even laborers entered the theatre and with them came melodrama.