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the belief that the world can be made better by human effort

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Meliorists like George Eliot, or James Sully, or (in his own account) Hardy took the view that the world was bad but capable, in some respects, of improvement.
And every one of those 214 pages is laced with poison for social-scientific meliorists and high-minded newspaper editors who claim to "understand" politics or, worse, suggest ways in which it might be "improved.
Other models of classes typically referred to as fusion courses were tested, which dismayed the meliorists because they frequently consisted of fragments of different subjects without a theme centering on actual social circumstances of life.
46) Until after World War I the meliorists dominated the Social Catholic movement, apart from a few isolated scholars and academicians .
At the same time that he works out the contours of a distinctively American fin de siecle, Horowitz shows us four "democratic meliorists of religious temperament whose complicated lives, embodying a fluid cultural moment, remain inspirational" (p.