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Miriam Eliav-Feldon suggests that for the "ideal imaginary societies" of the Renaissance we should use the syntagm "realistic utopias," signifying possible meliorist alternatives to the contemporary social reality.
In Calculus, Buchanan and Tullock instead exemplify the meliorist attitude mentioned by John Gray (1995): "With the philosophers of the Enlightenment we share the faith that man can rationally organize his own society, that existing organization can always be perfected, and that nothing in the social order should remain exempt from rational, critical, and intelligent discussion.
Although this 'whole' was never achieved, a meliorist narrative framed development efforts, until undercut by economic and political crisis, structural adjustment and neo-liberalism.
He was not a political atomist either, but a political meliorist.
In so doing, Stroud argues that the key to a life well lived can be found in Dewey's revisioning of activity--a revisioning which emphasizes an attentive orientation to the present, the unification of means and ends in our everyday practices, and an emphasis on meliorist projects which culminate in growth.
Here might be his exit from Calvary--one feels a whiff of social engineering here, more of our meliorist time than of Faulkner's, more aligned to our view of diplomas and connections, the kind of thing Oprah herself supports--but he is outraged by this proposition, sees it as anathema.
On the one hand, natural selection is touted as the main mechanism in God's meliorist design.
Baron Georg von Hertling, a parliamentary leader of the Center Party, was the chief spokesman for the meliorist viewpoint.
It was in keeping with the gradualist and meliorist character of the American philosophy that progress would take time.
Following the Enlightenment and the growth of a meliorist, progressive sensibility, the believers in a just war seem inspired by the Virgilian outlook that fate, as well as the violence and unspeakable (infandum) cruelties incarnate in war, can be transcended by the eventual triumph of reason, rational order, and peace, as Anchises described Rome's future to his son Aeneas in the Aeneid: the rulers must remember "to impose the habit of peace, to be merciful to the vanquished, and to overcome the mighty" (Commager 8-9).
Among researchers, a meliorist impulse is likely to infuse questionnaires with hope for progress evidenced in an improved fit between the two spheres.
Creative Actualization: A Meliorist Theory of Values.
Although Ryan disclaims class mixing as a panacea and asserts that his project is merely meliorist, he forgets that magical thinking takes over on the ground.
This meliorist approach was taken by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton during her July trip to Ukraine, Poland, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Georgia.
JOEL CHANDLER HARRIS needs reintroduction: he was a meliorist, a