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In Calculus, Buchanan and Tullock instead exemplify the meliorist attitude mentioned by John Gray (1995): "With the philosophers of the Enlightenment we share the faith that man can rationally organize his own society, that existing organization can always be perfected, and that nothing in the social order should remain exempt from rational, critical, and intelligent discussion.
In the process, Stroud provides great insight into the communicative nature of art as well as arguing that both personal and communal growth is grounded upon a meliorist orientation to the present.
Creative actualization is meliorist, fallibilist, and committed to value pluralism.
This meliorist approach was taken by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton during her July trip to Ukraine, Poland, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Georgia.
JOEL CHANDLER HARRIS needs reintroduction: he was a meliorist, a
Creative actualization; a Meliorist theory of values.
His moral vision is meliorist, incremental, and balanced.
In this way, the poem's apprehension of historical time as a "going backwards" reverses the Western understanding of progress, particularly its meliorist strains.
Did I tell you that in the conclusion to an eight-page speech, Meliorist George Soros quotes Nader's father?
Assimilation' even featured in the names of some of the progressive meliorist organisations of the day (Clark 2008:54).
She certainly is always trying to do her best for someone, a shameless meliorist who finds my own worldview stark.
In so doing, this first paragraph sets the pattern for Waugh's satire on the Welfare State and the happy meliorist philosophy that undergirds it.
The "Great War," as those who lived through the conflict came to call it, became "a hideous embarrassment to the prevailing Meliorist myth which had dominated public consciousness for a century.
Implicit in the abortion and gay marriage discussions is a meliorist perspective that sees courts as nudging legislatures ever so gently along a path of moderately progressive politics, never having to do more than tell them when they have really strayed from that path.
Each author is best known for works labeled comedies, suggesting that despite their often bitterly graphic portrayal of human imperfections, they held to a deeply meliorist outlook, whether finally achieved in this world or the next, and not without great effort in either case.