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tending to ameliorate

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This is the latest meliorative attempt by New York Democrats to soften the state's drug laws, which took an infamous turn toward the draconian four decades ago under Governor Nelson Rockefeller.
36) The more doctrinal approach to religion, which, as we will see below, may be generated by Kirk's reading of Burke, has a potential for inducing a "defensiveness" and parochialism that stifle progress towards moral union and misdirect our meliorative energies.
The meliorative processes of stare decises and the common law lend themselves to preserving and revising form, but only literary judges like Holmes can endow form with a function: to excite or provoke.
That longing, if its premises are widely embraced, must be made tangible in extra-aesthetic political projects, but the artwork that heralds such potential future constructs ought to be heeded in the present in order to recognize and act upon the meliorative promise it holds out.
This attitude of, say, meliorative pseudo-science entails that the search for the One in Hermetism, cast like in Gnosticism and Neoplatonism in the form a transcendent God, is additionally chimed in with a secret wish of ennobling the matter, to use the vocabulary of alchemy, through gradual opus magnum to its highest ontological possibility - ultima materia.
Prime Minister Igor Chudinov on Wednesday signed the action plan to improve meliorative condition of irrigated land in Kyrgyzstan in 2009-2010.
Wider use of silver birch and black alder, due to its fast growth and meliorative properties, is recommended for such areas [3-7].
In this way, for example, diminutives and augmentatives often acquire pejorative or meliorative overtones, which eventually may become associated with the respective patterns themselves (cf.
They are pessimistic about the possibility of meliorative Congressional action and call instead on local community groups, civic associations and the churches to campaign to protect bankruptcy rights and reregulate the banking industry.