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a tan discoloration of a woman's face that is associated with pregnancy or with the use of oral contraceptives

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Comment: Melasma is a brown hyperpigmentation that occurs on the face and other sun-exposed areas.
He has also stated that Melasma and Pigmentation categories are recording a 48% growth in India, whilst the aesthetic market s expansion has surpassed 50%.
In addition to, taking birth control pills and having hormonal therapy, not applying sun blocks and misusing cosmetics also contribute to being afflicted with melasma.
In the Middle East, the risk of developing melasma is much greater due to the harsh weather and constant sun exposure.
For example, he said that East Asians' skin aging concerns include solar lentigines, facial seborrheic keratoses, melasma and fine lines and wrinkles.
Melasma (or chloasma) is a common disorder of cutaneous hyperpigmentation predominantly affecting sun-exposed areas in women.
3) Psychological and social issues (2) affecting their quality of life are similar to those in individuals with melasma (uneven hyperpigmentation on the face) and vitiligo.
Sun exposure in pregnant women can often lead to a skin issue known as melasma.
Melasma, also known as "mask of pregnancy", is when skin on exposed areas of the body develops brown patches, ranging from light to dark brown.
Melasma is well-documented as a possible, long-lasting side effect of both HT and birth control pills.
This new product from Anthelios prevents sun intolerance, pigment disorders, spots such as melasma and protects skin from early aging.
Pathetic "I have a condition called melasma, which happens to some women after they give birth.