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Continuous exposure to bisphenol A during in vitro follicular development induces meiotic abnormalities.
pole after the first meiotic division; and 4) Chromatids must separate
While mosaicism arises from meiotic or mitotic errors early in development.
The 3 parasite isolates were genetically related, but not identical, and they have been proposed to be meiotic siblings (A.
With very low frequency, triploid gametes can be formed by dysfunction of the first meiotic division, resulting in tetraploid zygotes when crossed with diploid individuals.
The studies' findings also eased concerns that freezing might compromise egg quality by damaging the meiotic spindle, Dr.
1985) observed the meiotic chromosomes of 2 species of the genus Trachyderes.
Intermediate alleles are not pathogenic, but may pose a risk to the offspring of the carrier through meiotic expansion into the pathogenic range during vertical transmission.
The model also shows that genes and chromosomes are contained in all cells, the concept of dominance versus recessive alleles, the production of diploid mitotic products versus haploid meiotic products, and how a zygote results from the combination of cells derived from a female and a male parent during sexual reproduction.
Radioprotective effect of melatonin assessed by measuring chromosomal damage in mitotic and meiotic cells.
This latter cell gives rise to the primary spermatocyte, which quickly undergoes its first meiotic division and passes through 4 prophase stages, leptotene, zygotene, pachytene, and diplotene, before undergoing meiotic metaphase.
Taking into account that polyploid species generally display a great amount of meiotic abnormalities that compromise pollen viability (SINGH, 1993), the present research aims to evaluate the meiotic process in four intraspecific hybrids and their progenitors to investigate the meiotic stability as an additional parameter to select the most interesting hybrid in relation to seed production to attend the commercial seed demand.
Volume 2 of this reference and instructional manual set provides current and critical new protocols in the study of meiotic chromosome dynamics.