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a very large urban complex (usually involving several cities and towns)

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cities outside the major urban megalopolitan areas.
Black maps" is how Maisel refers to these megalopolitan interference patterns, limned with bridges, freeway interchanges, buildings, parking lots, and even the odd puffing boat on an oil-slick sea.
Since Megalopolitan development now takes place at a global scale few options are available that are capable of significantly improving the socio-cultural and ecological character of the average urbanized region.
But the inherent problem of the loner in a touring car occupying as much street space as a truck has constrained the productivity of the multilane highway system enough to produce virtual megalopolitan gridlock.
Our megalopolitan agglomerations, which make great ado about art, are actually sterile on the creative side; they patronize art, they merchandise it, but do not produce it .
For during the course of the nineteenth century, the separation of these two opposed orders of human experience, concern, and fulfillment became in the West exaggerated to such a degree by the radical materialism of the increasingly industrialized megalopolitan centers of mass intelligence and democratization, that anything like the functional grounding of a social order in a mythology (so that individuals of whatever social class, participating in the metaphorical festivals, should become joined with all in a profoundly shared experience of the ground and sense of their lives) simply disappeared into irrelevance.