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a very large urban complex (usually involving several cities and towns)

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Since Megalopolitan development now takes place at a global scale few options are available that are capable of significantly improving the socio-cultural and ecological character of the average urbanized region.
Our megalopolitan agglomerations, which make great ado about art, are actually sterile on the creative side; they patronize art, they merchandise it, but do not produce it .
Those huge campuses are megalopolitan subsidiaries of gigantic state university systems, which in turn are parts of colossal general plans for state education, which in turn are subsumed under the amorphous gargantuan central plans of education of the Federal government.
Interestingly, such segmentation is similar to the three megalopolitan regions which emerged from the National Land Use Plan produced by the Council for Economic Planning and Development at the Executive Yuan in Taiwan.
Instead it straddles both extremes in a bid to master the tormented history and megalopolitan future of the Chinese 'world city'.