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memorial consisting of a very large stone forming part of a prehistoric structure (especially in western Europe)

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2) 'Are there any ancient megalithic structures in the country that were made by ancient Filipinos?
They also recorded two megalithic structures and a large group of enclosures/hut sites (Hensey et al.
The country is a popular destination for tourists due to its warm climate, architectural and historical landmarks, including nine United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) heritage sites and seven Megalithic Temples, and recreational areas.
The graves, which are usually situated in front of the king's house, are made of megalithic stones, covered by a rectangular stone with four poles measuring approximately 1.
In which county is the megalithic stone circle of Stonehenge?
His best-selling tome, The Modern Antiquarian, a fullcolour 484-page hardback and follow-up The Megalithic European was the result of eight years of research into lost stone temples and ancient monuments.
Recently, using archeoastronomy, Sitchin has dated Machu Picchu's sacred plaza and its nearby Temple of the Three Windows to the prehistoric Megalithic Age, about 4000 B.
A UNESCO world heritage site, Stonehenge is one of the most impressive prehistoric megalithic monuments anywhere due to its size, sophisticated concentric plan and architectural precision.
And for culture vultures Malta has masses of history to offer, from the megalithic temples even older than Egypt's pyramids to the spectacular 16th Century St John's Cathedral.
Your voyage will track Irish history from its earliest beginnings, taking you to the megalithic burial chambers--they pre-date the Egyptian pyramids--found in the Boyne Valley at Newgrange, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
Optional trips for visiting the megalithic observatory Kokino and ancient city of Stobi are recommended as well as the manifestation "Krusevo Ethno City" when the figures and events of the Ilinden Uprising and the Krusevo Republic come to life.
In fact, history buffs can marvel at the nine World Heritage sites, including the 16th-century St John's Cathedral, seven megalithic temples and the extraordinary grand palace of Casa Rocco Piccola.
There are a lot of Doors moments here, along with segments reminiscent of Jefferson Airplane and the aforementioned Velvets in their heavier moods and it's pretty intense stuff at times - the opening track, Solar Eclipse, was recorded at Ales Stena which is Sweden's megalithic equivalent of Stonehenge - but highly recommended to anybody of a psychedelic persuasion.
Addressing the sacrality linked with prehistoric megalithic and Cyclopean structures, Pozzi (not further identified) argues that it was the devotion and submission to, or perhaps even the fear of, superior beings, the gods or divinified ancestors, that furnished the motivation and strength to large groups of people to carry out the immense works.