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Synonyms for megabucks

a large sum of money (especially as pay or profit)

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The Nevada Megabucks MegaJackpot can be won at one of 715 machines in 157 casinos across the state, all linked through computers and phone lines which keep a running total of the cash.
1-million-dollar Tri-State Megabucks jackpot last week after purchasing what he believed was a ticket for an entirely different game, the New York Daily News reported.
She said she was earning megabucks and a stupid amount of dosh.
The Massachusetts Megabucks number drawn Saturday night was 4-5-9-15-20-34.
THE Scoop6 yesterday proved beyond punters for the third successive week and, with the Tote planning to stage three special midweek Scoop6s between now and Saturday, a winner of the bet on Lockinge day could be in line for megabucks, writes Paul Eacott.
A high-profile soccer venture with a Hollywood superstar would also give him back some of the credibility he surely feelsA he lost after fleeing prest-igious Real Madrid for a megabucks deal in the US.
His pounds 8,000-aweek deal is megabucks compared to the average pounds 150-a-month in his home town of Struga.
He'll have megabucks to console him - estimates of his pay-off vary from pounds 12 to pounds 20m - but who will be left to entertain us with sayings such as: "There is no shame in defeat.
The megabucks deal is for six unscripted half-hour episodes comically chronicling Posh's adventure, Daily Variety reported.
Knowsley council has found a site just south of the existing town centre, and megabucks Tesco, with Evertonian Sir Terry Leahy at the helm, is involved - so the club would not need to worry too much about the cost.
Lamar Odom, under the daily intense scrutiny that comes with the megabucks contract and lofty expectations, hung out like just another day at the office, laughing and joking and looking very relaxed.
In your article Midwest Megabucks you mention Boone and Crockett scores as applied to bowhunting.
While I'd love to see either or both of them at Goodison Park next season, megabucks pay packets have no place at Everton.
Environmental organizations are doing their predictable routine, and garnering megabucks from gullible foundations, [aided by] the amen chorus of the New York Times, Washington Post, and even National Geographic and Scientific American.
Megabucks Chelsea fancy Monaco's pounds 8m-rated tricky winger Jerome Rothen