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Synonyms for megabucks

a large sum of money (especially as pay or profit)

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With its life-changing jackpots, the Megabucks game continues to be a player favorite," said Ron Rivera, IGT senior vice president of North America sales.
Casino Windsor first introduced MegaBucks dollar slot machines in 2001 and since that time, $14.
The lucky winner, who asked to remain anonymous, had seen the Megabucks (R) signs which read, "One pull can change your life" and said, "Now I know that it's true.
The well-reviewed ``Revision'' goes into the darkest and nastiest sides of Tinseltown, with such realistic characters as a megabucks screenwriter with more savvy than scruples and a brawny action director with a secret taste for teen-age boys.
Baghdad man ordered tickets for the Oregon Megabucks online through theLotter.
LAS VEGAS, March 26, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- One lucky slot enthusiast has more than a million reasons to treasure his whopping $1,149,196 jackpot rewarded by global gaming entertainment leader IGT (NYSE: IGT) from its Megabucks video slot at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut on March 7, 2015.
A Portland couple has won a $9 million Megabucks jackpot.
New York, December 25 ( ANI ): A man from New Hampshire, who thought he was buying a Lucky for Life lottery ticket but was mistakenly given two Megabucks tickets instead, has one a 2.
She was signed off from work with stress and depression but went on to the social networking site Twitter' "She said she was earning megabucks and a stupid amount of dosh.
Iannacone was the winner of a $2,147,401 million Megabucks prize, they were thrilled.
He said yesterday: "On my way over to the casino I thought about playing Penny Megabucks.
Knowsley council has found a site just south of the existing town centre, and megabucks Tesco, with Evertonian Sir Terry Leahy at the helm, is involved - so the club would not need to worry too much about the cost.
Lamar Odom, under the daily intense scrutiny that comes with the megabucks contract and lofty expectations, hung out like just another day at the office, laughing and joking and looking very relaxed.
In your article Midwest Megabucks you mention Boone and Crockett scores as applied to bowhunting.
How lucky she had this realisation only after banking the multi-million megabucks her antics brought her