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But when Speakman and Racey went on to compare the energy costs of flight in microbats and in larger, sighted bats of the suborder Megachiroptera, controlling for the difference in body size, they discovered that microbats and megabats use approximately the same amount of energy.
Echolocation's negligible energy cost during flight, combined with its superiority over vision as a means of detecting insects, raises the question of why so few megabats have sonar rather than visual systems, Speakman and Racey assert.
In contrast, the standard theory -- based mostly on wing similarities -- holds that microbats and megabats evolved from nocturnal mammals of the order Insectivora, and that most megabats later lost their echolocating abilities.
Pettigrew cautions, however, that the fossil records for both microbats and megabats are very sparse and that any conclusions based on these records remain "very speculative.