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a building for religious assembly (especially Nonconformists, e

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The Meetinghouse acquisition added $120 million in assets, including $76 million in loans, $94 million in deposits and two branches in the Boston neighborhoods of Dorchester and Roslindale that provide us with a platform for expansion of our market share in the surrounding areas.
East Boston Savings Bank has said that it is to take over Meetinghouse Bancorp.
NASDAQ: EBSB) and its East Boston Savings Bank subsidiary, and Meetinghouse Bancorp, Inc.
Benes weighs in on several transformations, questions, and disputes that haunt historians, from identifying the origins of the meetinghouse type, to tracing the spatial ramifications of ecclesiastical changes such as the adoption of the Halfway Covenant, to discerning the political roles buildings play.
Lamb is also publishing a series on the first eleven Methodist Chapels in Upper Canada and the current issue deals with Warner's Chapel 1801, Lyon's Creek Meetinghouse 1806 and Long Point circa 1805.
From Meetinghouse to Megachurch: A Material and Cultural History.
Magistrates (judges) questioned the women in the village meetinghouse.
Cross platform support is especially important in the higher education market and has been important in recent Meetinghouse sales to Georgia College & State University (GC&SU), Universitat Bielefeld, Butler University, University of Utah, Ohio State University and other colleges.
is securing its campus-wide wired and wireless LAN with authentication software from Meetinghouse of Portsmouth, N.
The services were held at the Quaker meetinghouse and were well attended.
For further information regarding the Center please contact at 580 Meetinghouse Rd, Ambler, PA 19002; phone (215) 283-1286; fax (215) 283-1626
The Meetinghouse at Walpole, Cambridgeshire housed a congregation that had originally met in Cookley a mile a way.
Over 105 years, the Shakers constructed 270 buildings; 33 remain, including the meetinghouse, the residence halls and several workshops.
In this essay, I want to (i) document the specific history of this marae and especially of the meetinghouse and its decoration, treating the whole marae complex as 'artworks'; (ii) examine the particular ways in which a struggle for control over the definition of authentic Maori culture emerged in this context; and (iii) trace the background of this struggle over meaning in a wider and less visible struggle to control the production and work processes and thus the values and opportunities arising from them.
completed its acquisition of Meetinghouse Bancorp, Inc.