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a public facility to meet for open discussion

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The client wants to inspire the Meeting Place Berlin 2017, customers of the diversity of Berlin as a meeting and incentive destination spot and acquire for the future convention business.
A spokesman for the charity said: "After repeated difficulties achieving the massive funding required for this project we have used our existing funds plus grants to convert an existing building in Eirias Park into a youth cafe where, as well as providing refreshments and a meeting place, we will carry out as many of our objectives.
The Kirkby Suite has always been a prestigious meeting place for the community, one of which they could be proud, part of the fabric of a community.
Why is this meeting place thriving when so many other places are closing?
They have used the funds wisely to enrich their members lives each time - last year buying recycling equipment for their meeting place.
Summary: Lebanon is a meeting place for different sects and religions, said Maronite Archbishop of Beirut Boulos Matar on Sunday at the Sagesse School in Jdeideh, during a mass celebrating the anniversary of its patron saint Saint Maroun.
FAISALABAD, January 18, 2010 (Balochistan Times): Following are the highlights of President Asif Ali Zardaris address at the National Textile University (NTU) here Monday: The President clad in Shalwar suit and Waistcoat entered the meeting place at 04:15 pm.
Green Building Council's (USGBC) main meeting place for those interested in green building and the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program.
Intended as a meeting place, teaching facility, painting workshop and tourist venue, the building is distilled to an easily transportable kit of parts that sits lightly and simply on the ground.
Those interested in presenting at the show, a meeting place for the leaders in the C&D industry, should contact the CMRA at (630) 585-7530 or info@cdrecycling.
I WAS surprised to read that the city council had sanctioned the erection of a religious meeting place on one of the Walsall Road allotments (Mail, July 11).
The tree serves as a meeting place for members, a rest stop for caddies, or a destination for celebrities or onlookers.
Participants will find that ITEC 2006 is the meeting place to network with international military and defense training experts.
Its primary focus is to inform, inspire and enrich its diverse audiences by presenting programs of the highest quality in the visual and performing arts, to collaborate with artists of eastern Long Island and to provide a meeting place for the entire community.
Let it forever be not a point of division but a meeting place between great and true friends," he said.
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