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a person who is present and participates in a meeting

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8220;How to maintain and further Campbell Global Network's dominance in the South and Central American market is probably the ultimate challenge for me,” Brian Meeter revealed.
Sherman KM, Reidenauer JA, Thistle D and Meeter D: Role of a natural disturbance in an assemblage of marine free-living nematodes.
Translated out of Latin into English meeter, by Arthur Golding Gentleman) (London: Printed by Iohn Danter, 1593) was highly popular and often used by Renaissance writers.
Mrs Biggs, the busy commuter station's meeter and greeter has recently been recognised for her outstanding personal contribution to the job.
Most inquiry in this area of study has focused on the implementation of civil commitment criteria, or on whether and how court decisions have been implemented by clinical personnel or legal authorities (Peters, Miller, Schmidt, & Meeter, 1987; Reed & Lewis, 1990).
Otherwise, about the sun in the respective mythologies the Pimas have a story in which a man named Sun Meeter sends a kickball to a rival village.
Daniel Meeter of the Reformed Church of America, and Donald Fans (a United Church minister and a former minister of education in Saskatchewan) point to the positive and practical consequences for the church's faith and life when the church recovers a living understanding of the Trinity.
Senior Tracie Nolte and freshmen Lauren Tantlinger and Kristen Meeter all made the second team.
Hospitalizations for CHF have increased 70% since 1983 and the vast majority of patients are over 75 years of age (Bonneaux, Barendregt, Meeter, Bonsel, & Van der Mass, 1994; Massie & Shah, 1997).
Intel has viewed Colorado Springs as an attractive site for some time," said Todd Meeter, Intel's site services manager.
This collection of eight essays, some presented at the Melanchthon Colloquium at the Meeter Center in Grand Rapids, others at the Sixteenth Century Studies Conference in 1997, marks the five hundredth anniversary of Melanchthon's birth.
I was in charge of buying programs and being the meeter and greeter of Australian executives when they came through.