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a white clayey mineral


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a pipe having a bowl made of meerschaum

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Connoisseurs idealized two mediums of tobacco consumption: Cuban cigars and Greek meerschaum pipes.
The most valuable items so far are a collection of Turkish Meerschaum Pipes carved with heads, valued at around pounds 200 each.
In the poorly lit workshop belonging to Maden Sahin, a Turk in his mid-fifties, skilled craftsmen were completing the latest order from Germany for meerschaum pipes.
In the southern part of the country, sepiolite occurring as irregular lens-like bodies in marls and clays of the Taleh Formation has been worked on an artisan basis, west of El Bur, 370 km north of Mogadishu, for use in meerschaum pipes and decorative ware.
Meerschaum is easily carved and figurative meerschaum pipes, like the example shown here, were once popular both with smokers and collectors, although less so these days.