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Synonyms for meerschaum

a white clayey mineral


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a pipe having a bowl made of meerschaum

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Now we'll move 3/4[degrees] northwest to an asterism that California amateur Robert Douglas calls the Meerschaum Pipe.
He may have smoked a meerschaum pipe, (17) but whatever the material, Foster was an inveterate pipe smoker.
The tobacco in her meerschaum pipe had burned down.
So, let us sit down with Sherlock in his big easy chair with his meerschaum pipe and the tobacco in the slipper on the mantle and try to deduce a solution from the clues.
In fact, the methodical obsessiveness of his investigation, and Fiennes's angular physiognomy conjure up the image of a demented Sherlock Holmes, puffing away on hand--rolled ciggies instead of a meerschaum pipe.
Ed Murphy can be contacted at the Missouri Meerschaum Pipe Company, 400 W.
99 to fulfil his other great ambition - a new Meerschaum pipe.
Although the sculptured Meerschaum pipe is most commonly associated with Germany, the best raw meerschaum in the world is mined in Turkey.
They still sell them, but I don't see many teenagers making the switch from liquorice to a meerschaum pipe packed with Capstan ready rubbed.