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Synonyms for meerschaum

a white clayey mineral


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a pipe having a bowl made of meerschaum

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Although the sculptured Meerschaum pipe is most commonly associated with Germany, the best raw meerschaum in the world is mined in Turkey.
They still sell them, but I don't see many teenagers making the switch from liquorice to a meerschaum pipe packed with Capstan ready rubbed.
A fine meerschaum pipe dating from 1880 and modelled with Cupid seducing a female nude.
My other dream is to get a special Meerschaum pipe.
What is the linguistic connection between a meerschaum pipe and the name of the goddess Aphrodite?
Some other possibilities are a T Meerschaum Pipe, which is a milk-white stone carved into a decorative and elaborately detailed pipe.
In addition to watercolours, oil paintings, prints and miniatures, there are numerous works of art, from fine linens and musical instruments to carved Meerschaum pipes, fine wood tea caddies, bronze figurines and assorted militaria.